Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Walkthrough

Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Walkthrough: Bring It On Vergen Side Quest

Bring It On: Vergen is another Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition side-quest you can complete in Vergen, during the second chapter of the game.

If you allied with Iorveth, you can start this quest at the inn, in Vergen, after you complete the main quest called Subterranean Life.

To begin Bring It On: Vergen, visit the inn after you get the dwarven immortelle. Look for a dwarf named Sheldon Skaggs and talk to him about arm wrestling. He will eventually, challenge you to a match.

Defeat him to activate Bring It On: Vergen.

Quest Description

“Geralt bested Sheldon Skaggs quite easily. In the process, he learned about Skalen Burdon, who had no equal at arm wrestling. The dwarves encouraged Geralt to challenge Skalen to a match and defeat him.”

When to start

After Subterranean Life


Assuming that you have completed Bring It On: Flotsam, you already know how to beat your opponents in arm wrestling matches, so, you must find the second challenger, named Yarpen Zigrin.

Yarpen Zigrin can be found inside the inn, at Zoltan’s table; however, if you can’t find him as soon as you beat Sheldon Skaggs, go outside, and return to the inn later.

Note: It seems that Yarpen Zigrin spawns after a while, usually at sunset, or you can look for him outside, on the path that takes above the inn.

After you defeat Yarpen Zigrin, challenge Skalen Burdon at the inn (he is wearing a blue bonnet).  Make sure you beat him too, to complete the quest.

Once the match is over, he will mention something about a champion called Might Numa. Don’t worry, you will find him later.

Bring It On: Vergen ends after you beat Skalen Burdon, and you will earn the correspondent amount of experience points.

Note: Make sure you also complete Poker Face: Vergen, as soon as you can.

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