Why eSports Will Take Over the World

One of the most exciting and hottest new areas of sports is one which will revolutionize the way that people enjoy sports entertainment, it is called eSports, and if you haven’t heard of it already, you will do soon. ESports in a nutshell is professional gaming which sees the world’s hottest talents in video gaming, pit themselves against each other in huge tournaments. For many years gaming was just seen as a hobby, but there is far more to it than that, and here is why it will take over the world.

Huge Interest

There is absolutely huge interest in eSports, owing in part to the popularity of video games on the whole. There are already thousands of tournaments taking place each year around the globe which regularly count on tens of thousands of spectators online and in the stadiums themselves. Other companies are taking note of this too, and you can now even make money by betting on eSports tournaments.


These tournaments are played using a huge variety of different games which is just another reason why this sport will become so popular. From action games to strategy tournaments and even sports games themselves. This variety will help to catapult this industry to success and make it extremely accessible to fans of all types of video games.


When we talk about these tournaments taking place, we are not talking about a few people sat in front of a TV in a community center, these events are already huge. The arenas which are chosen for these events are growing with each tournament that takes place, and the design and the production is high quality. In just a few years this has grown and matured, and in the next 3 we will see a huge shift in popularity for this sport.

Merchandise and Costumes

The fandom for eSports is two-fold and this is something which will certainly play into the hands of promoters. The reason for this is that the fans are of course lovers of the actual games that are being played, as well as being fans of the players and the events. This is manna from heaven for anyone selling merchandise and costumes, as the fans here love nothing more than getting into the action with what they are wearing.

Industry Collaborations

The commercial world is already circling around the eSports industry and we can expect to see a great deal of money pumped into this. The result of most sports or industries that see a great deal of commercial revenue coming in is that they generally grow in fame, size and stature, and we can certainly expect the same from eSports. Not only will the gaming industry look to promote their products, companies outside the gaming industry will also be looking to invest in this ever-growing business.

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