Why Do People Love Gaming?


Informative fact: approximately 75% of online casino revenues stem from slot machines. Even land-based venues fish out practically 70% out of slots, despite providing a broad arrangement with croupiers. Reminiscence over your own experience with casino halls and come to an obvious conclusion – these reelers take over everyone’s attention at one time or another. And it is incredibly difficult to pass by a vibrantly sounding machine without a quick glance or not to ‘visit’ the most profitable entry, displayed in website trays with the latest win which looks really formidable. Well, that’s the case – people tend to get obsessed with slots. No Live Games, no dealers, no bright and brightest tables do lure us into gambling just as slot machines do.

Reviewing portals stamp slot overviews, manufacturers set off in developing new products, players test and gamble, casinos happily provide more. This gambling pastime has genuinely established the biggest net in the market, engaging immense numbers of people. The deal? Slots open a brave new universe to enthusiasts. You can explore space, become a courageous treasure seeker, fight off bandits, learn new cultures thanks to slots. You can even visit unusual places you’ve always craved for seeing like Mexico in, for example, brilliant Jumpin Jalapenos Slot. Still there are far more reasons to adore slots, not just because they guide you through hard-to-get destinations.

Psychology 101

Remember you last escapade at slotting. What were the overall feelings? Probably you stayed quite focused on the reels, waited for something bigger to come and felt unreasonably excited, even if the whole process resembled more a repetitive circle. Dr. David Forrest from Columbia University College explains this attraction phenomenon as chemical changes in gambler’s brain. Emotional responses from the player, teamed up with sheer randomness intrinsic to slot machines, generate something like a sense of mystery – you might compare this to what prayers experience among the religious surroundings. This meditative rush of awe triggers the release of a powerful human drug – dopamine – which basically keep you going.  

Another potent aspect to make slotters absorbed is…the reels! No joking here. Dr. Forrest refers to the descending nature of reel strips. Once hidden from sight, they appear from above and land in front of us. Reels, generally, force our eyes to dance a little around the screen in an up-and-down movement. Therefore, when you look up after a completed round, it seems more like waiting for godlike manna to pour down out of nowhere on you. This standby, influential eye mimics, tendency to link erratic elements to logical patterns affect slot players and literally make them stare at the reels like maniacs. However, mostly it is the dopamine that induces us to act. What could a human being do for another portion of this vigorous chemical? Everything, including humdrum reaching for the same button as B.F. Skinner’s pigeon. For the record, this is similarly why real drug addiction is hard to quit.

Mundane reasons

There are more prosaic factors of people’s obsession with slot machines, if we distance a bit from strict science and look at the general picture. First off, slot machines are constantly evolving toward fantastic player experience akin to playing through a real computer game like GTA. Software houses beat each other out in a ‘weapon race’, coming up with more sophisticated, more immersive video machines, which, in addition, may repeat after famous TV shows, banging movies, comics or books. Primarily, providers draw inspiration from the life, that’s why slot machine often appear to be applicable to reality. So you get a chance to play along with beloved characters and show your preferences to this world. And there are far more reasons of casual perception, though.

Show your Scrooge out

Imagine the following situation: you are offered to wager, say, one dollar for a chance to catch one hundred dollars. What would you do? Guess, most of you would feel like wagering a dollar. Anyway, almost nothing to lose, but much to take eventually. This is quite the case with slot machines. You get to play for as little as a dime, and the machine might fetch you thousands. Then some sunk cost fallacy is at work, and your greediness is showed.

Games at hand

Modern online casinos demonstrate amazing compatibility with a wide range of platforms, so that you do not have to buy a monstrous computing device to run a slot machine. Mobile tablets, tiny phones, 1996-styled computers are all welcomed for a feast. Besides, the variety gambling venues exhibit is  astonishing – some places are ready to provide a couple of thousands of diverse machines.

No skill – no pain

To nail the poker hand you’ve got to be a pro. To tame Blackjack and Roulettes you need to learn the ropes. To catch up with a slot you need zero knowledge. No long books, looking through thick guides, watching tedious videos. You run the game and head into it. The machine is going to deal with all gaming moments itself.

To worry or not to worry

While delving in the slot world, some sticky questions like ‘Are we to avoid slots?’ may arise. Well, actually, there is 100% nothing to take concerns. Gambling has become an integral part of our lives, just as the Net. Odds at becoming rich is not abolished, though. Anyway, we damage our health with fumes, eating junk food, smoking, drinking and dozens of other harmful substances. Why not spending a few pennies with pleasure. It is just money, and if you have some as well as some self-control, then slot machines will not do bad to you.