What’s up with Android Oreo?

Android Oreo

Android Oreo is a recent Android operating system which was released this year.  This is the second time Google teamed up with a manufacturer to advertise their software. The first time was with KitKat, Android version 4.4. So what’s new in Android Oreo that we didn’t have in Android Nougat?

With Android Oreo, Google brought out a whole new set of features that is referred to as Fluid Experiences. As the name implies, Android users should expect to encounter a smooth flow of operations on their smartphones.

Picture to picture

The concept of the picture to picture was first introduced in Nougat. But it had a few glitches, hence the need for Oreo. So what does this mean? Well, this enables users to open an app in foreground and keep another app running on top like Youtube. Well done to Google, here’s to being able to do something else whilst on Youtube.


Regular Google chrome users know about “Auto-fill”. This is when Google just fills in the password once the user-name is typed. So this takes away the aspect of always logging in and out of applications. If Google has the users Facebook or Twitter login credentials, Oreo will auto-fill on the phone. Although you might have a few problems with some mobile casinos the top mobile gambling sites such as jackpots casino should be responsive.

Notification Dots

Notification bars do not use notification bars. They update a new notification with a dotted icon at the far corner of on an app. Goodbye to scrolling down on the notification bar to see the notifications. This also comes with a whole new feature too. By pressing the dot long enough the message actually pops up.


In most cases when buying a cell phone, the usual concerns include battery life. With Android O that worry is gone. Google has been working tirelessly over the years to improve battery life for users. They have finally succeeded with android Oreo. This means the user gets to play their online casino games without having to worry about battery life.

These aren’t all the only new features on Android Oreo. Oreo also has improved Google play store games security and it’s faster to boost. This spells safer gaming at a better cost.

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