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Watch Dogs SongSneak Songs Locations Guide

The Watch Dogs SongSneak Songs also count as collectibles that must be found in order to get 100% completion rate at the end of the video game, but unlike the Audio Logs, or City Hotspots, the songs you have to find for the Disk Space Full achievement/trophy, require more time.

The SongSneak, or Song Sneak is an application available on Aiden’s smartphone, which allows him to identify and download various songs from different sources.

The Song Sneak app is similar to Shazam or Sound Hound, but it can be used only in specific areas. For the Watch Dogs Disk Space Full achievement/trophy, you must find 23 songs, or tracks.

The following guide explains how to unlock the achievement faster and reveals some of the songs you have to find.

How To Unlock The Disk Space Full Achievement/Trophy

According to its description, for the Disk Space Full achievement/trophy you have to unlock every song with the SongSneak app.

A common mistake and misconception made by players is to use the Song Sneak app in bars, coffee shops, cars or at music stands available in the video game, when in fact the achievement can be unlocked without using the SongSneak app.

Nevertheless, the app can be used in the places mentioned above; however, it is a time consuming activity, and there is a small chance to find the songs required for the achievement/trophy, because you are not allowed to change the music.

If you do, you will notice that the next song is always one of those you have already unlocked.

The fastest way to unlock the Disk Space Full achievement/trophy in Watch Dogs, is to start hacking the cell phones of specific citizens as soon as possible, but without focusing on finding them.

These citizens are clearly marked when Aiden’s profiler is activated. When profiling specific citizens, near their pictures you can notice what you will receive if you hack their phones.

Some phones allow access to bank accounts, while some contain songs. An important fact you have to remember is that for the achievement/trophy, you need 23 songs, and these songs don’t repeat when you hack civilians.

In other words, you must find and hack 23 civilians within the city; however, at some point they will become very rare, or you won’t be able to find any of them. Practically from civilians you can download around 20 songs.

If you wish to hack civilians for these collectables, the fastest way to find them is to visit an area with intense traffic such as parks, the pier in The Loop District, or the center of Mad Mile.

After you download as many songs as possible, if you notice that you are stuck, stop looking for them and play the story missions, because they will also unlock songs.

For example, if you complete the second act in Watch Dogs, you will unlock a new song. If you complete the third act, you will get two songs, one of them being Jesus Built My Hot Rod by Ministry rewarded after the mission named For The Portfolio.

When you finish The Defalt Condition in Act IV you will unlock Conduction (Santiago & Bushido Remix ) by Johnny Fiasco.

Because some of these collectibles are story-related, you should always start looking for them after you finish the game.

While a large number of guides state that the songs for the Disk Space Full achievement/trophy can be unlocked using the app in stores or other points of interest, in fact you can unlock it without even opening Aiden’s SongSneak App.

Watch Dogs SongSneak Songs List

1. Alarm Clocks – By: The Vindictives

2. Blvck and White (Feat. SRH) – By: muGZ

3. Bright Idea – By: Drew Gress

4. C.R.E.A.M. – By: Wu-Tang Clan

5. Cluj Napoca – By: Bryan Doherty Band

6. My My My – By: Jamie Lono

7. Dance – By: Mickey

8. Dark Steering – By: Squarepusher

9. Funeral Singers – By: Califone

10. Going Down High – By: Madina Lake

11. High Class Slim Came Floatin’ In – By: Howlin’ Wolf

12. Lost Boys – By: Summer Girlfriends

13. Ms. Crumby – By: Screeching Weasel

14. You Burnt Me – By: Lil’ Ed and The Blue Imperials

15. Never Again – By: Danko Jones

16. Out To Lunch (Feat. The Kid Daytona) – By: Kidz In The Hall

17. Simplify – By: Henhouse Prowlers

18. Talk – By: Julia Klee

19. The Bottom – By: The Record Low

20. Wake Up Sunshine – By: Chicago

21. When I Grow Old – By: Pet Lions

22. Jesus Built My Hot Rod – By: Ministry

23. Conduction (Santiago & Bushido Remix) – By: Johnny Fiasco

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