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Watch Dogs Audio Logs Locations Guide

Even if they don’t unlock a specific achievement or trophy, at least ten Watch Dogs Audio Logs must be found in order to achieve a 100% completion rate at the end of the video game, and to receive the XP bonus as well as the D12 shotgun.

Watch Dogs features a large number of Audio Logs that can be unlocked by completing additional investigations, playing the main-missions or by working on finding other collectibles.

Since the number required to receive the corresponding rewards is relatively small, compared to the number of Audio Logs in the videogame, these collectibles are fairly easy to retrieve.

Unlike other collectibles in Watch Dogs, such as City Hotspots, ctOS Towers, and ctOS Breach Contracts, the Audio Logs don’t appear on the map.

In other words, to collect them you have to complete specific tasks in the video game, and also pay close attention to the environment while playing the game’s main missions.

Because the first area you explore early in the game is Parker Square District, you can collect all 10 Audio Logs required in the game, without leaving the district. The following guide explains how to find them faster, so you can unlock the XP boost; however, you have to remember that you can get more of them as you progress through the game.

For example, Aiden Pearce Audio Logs can be found inside his hideouts by hacking the laptops. For Angela Balik Audio Logs, you have to complete the ctOS Breach Contracts.

The same contracts unlock several Audio Logs belonging to Lucky Quinn.

The QR Codes Investigations on the other hand, will unlock Audio Logs from G1gg1L3s and DedSec; and the Burner Phones Investigations unlock all 8 Audio Logs from Maurice Vega.

While you don’t have to find all of them, if you want additional details about the game’s story and its characters, follow our corresponding guides which explain where to find these Audio Logs and how to unlock them.

Watch Dogs 10 Audio Logs Locations Guide

Audio Log 1 -– Can be obtained while playing the Bottom Of The Eighth mission, from Maurice’s Cell Phone (Audio File: Maurice Vega 01)

Audio Log 2 -– Is obtained by completing the first ctOS Breach in Parker Square District (Audio File: Angela Balik 01)

Audio Log 3 –- Unlocked by completing the second ctOS Breach in Parker Square District (Audio File: Angela Balik 02)

Audio Log 4 -– Is unlocked while finishing the first Weapons Trade Investigation in Parker Square (Audio File: Undercover 01)

Audio Log 5 -– Becomes available after you finish the first QR Code Investigation in Parker Square District (Audio File: G1gg1L3s 01)

Audio Log 6 -– Unlocked by completing the second QR Code Investigation in Parker Square District (Audio File: G1gg1L3s 02)

Audio Log 7 -– Unlocked by finishing the third ctOS Breach in Parker Square (Audio File: Angela Balik 03)

Audio Log 8 -– Can be obtained by completing the Missing Persons Investigation in the same district (Audio File: Unknown 01)

Audio Log 9 -– Is obtained after you complete the fourth ctOS Breach in Parker Square (Audio File: Angela Balik 04)

Audio Log 10 -– Obtained by hacking the laptop inside Aiden’s eastern hideout (Audio File: Angela Balik 05)

Two additional audio logs can be unlocked by visiting Aiden’s western hideout (Audio File: Angela Balik 06), and the southern hideout (Audio File: Aiden Pearce 05).

Watch Dogs Walkthrough
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