Watch Dogs 2 Unique Vehicles Locations Guide

Watch Dogs 2 Unique Vehicles Locations Guide

Watch Dogs 2 Unique Vehicles Locations Guide
A unique vehicle in Watch Dogs 2

Up to 7 Watch Dogs 2 unique vehicles can be found while exploring San Francisco in the action-adventure video game developed by Ubisoft for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and the following guide reveals their exact locations along with instructions on how to retrieve them.

A Watch Dogs 2 unique car is a vehicle you can find only in a specific location, which is usually hidden.

Knowing where to look for it is very important, assuming you wish to expand Marcus’s garage without spending money.

The unique vehicles, just like other collectibles from Watch Dogs 2, don’t appear on your map unless you scan specific areas. Since the video game features an impressive map, this might take a while; therefore, you should use our guide to find them faster.

As usual, our Watch Dogs 2 guide for unique cars, includes maps you won’t be able to find anywhere else, showing the locations of each hidden vehicle that is considered unique, along with tips that will help you collect them, and a video for those who need additional help.

Since these collectibles don’t have special requirements, unlike the Key Data for example, you can start looking for them the moment you purchase the RC Jumper from the 3D Printer.

After you find the first unique vehicle you will unlock A Ride to Remember achievement/trophy.

All Watch Dogs 2 unique vehicles are automatically added to your garage after you collect them, and you can use them at any time by accessing the Car on Demand App.

Here is where to find the unique hidden vehicles in Watch Dogs 2.

Marin Unique Vehicles Locations

Marin Area Unique Cars Locations

Sumitzu Auto – Ice Cube (Sports Car)

The first unique vehicle is located in Marin Area, as you can see on our map. Simply drive to its location and look for it near a blue tent on a dirt road.

This car can be identified by its racing paint job (yellow and red).

Oakland Unique Vehicles Locations

Oakland Area Unique Cars Locations

Landrock Motors – Danger Mobile (Ambulance)

The second vehicle is a unique ambulance located on Yerba Buena island. Follow our location on the map (marked by 2) and look for it on a small alley between two houses.

The said alley has a dead end, while the vehicle is also painted in red and yellow.

Global Motors – Wrecker (Muscle Car)

The third vehicle is a muscle car located in Port of Oakland. After you reach the location (3 on our map), you should look for it inside a container, but you will notice that it is unreachable, since the said container is on top of a stack.

Nearby is a blue crane you can hack and that crane caries a container. Move the crane to the east. Lower it and get inside the container it carries. Now, hack the crane again and move it between the other containers so you can get close to the one with the car.

Finally, hack the car and move it forward, then jump down and drive away.

Brubeck Engines – Mountain King (Off-road)

The next vehicle (4 on our map) is also located in Oakland, inside an enclosed area, east from the Dedsec HQ. As you will notice you can’t jump over the fence to drive the car, so use the forklift nearby.

Hack the forklift and drive it close to the main gate. Hop on it, then lift Marcus and jump over the fence.

Now, hack the CCT to open the gate, get in the car and drive away.

San Francisco Unique Vehicles Locations

San Francisco Area Unique Cars Locations

Bogen – Flip Wagon (Standard Vehicle)

The Flip Wagon is easier to find and it is located in San Francisco area.

When you reach the location on our map (5), you will find it in a small parking lot on an alley behind a house with multiple levels. There are no guards, so just get inside to collect it.

Silicon Valley Unique Vehicles Locations

Silicon Valley Area Unique Cars Locations

Fruttato – Rainbow Missile (Motorcycle)

For the Rainbow Missile scooter, you have to travel to Silicon Valley area, as depicted on our map by number 6. You will find it in the backyard of a house, but it is guarded.

There is a robot and a guard patrolling the area, so, start by taking out the guard. Position close to the locked gate near the garage and hack the pipes when the guard is nearby to take him out for good.

Now jump inside the backyard, open the gate and look around the corner to see the robot. When the robot is away, jump on the scooter and use the gate you opened earlier to exit the backyard.

Targ Motors – The Dangerzone (Performance Car)

The Dangerzone is one of the most beautiful cars in the game, but is also one of the hardest to get. Take a look at our map (location 7), and you will notice that it is inside the large SVNR building. In fact, it is in an underground garage, which happens to be locked.

To get this car, go around the building and look for an air vent in the southern side. Deploy the RC Jumper and go through the air vent.

On the other side, you will find a garage. The panel that opens the door is behind a wooden plank and unreachable. Move the car inside the garage to the left by hacking it.

Drive it forward, then reverse to destroy the plank. Now use the RC Jumper to hack the panel and open the garage door. Switch to Marcus and get inside the underground parking lot, then check the second garage for the unique car.

These are all unique vehicles in Watch Dogs 2. If you encounter difficulties in finding them, check our video below, or contact us using the comments section.

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