Watch Dogs 2 Hidden Gnomes Locations Guide

Watch Dogs 2 Hidden Gnomes Locations Guide

Watch Dogs 2 Hidden Gnomes Locations Guide
A Hidden Gnome in Watch Dogs 2

The Watch Dogs 2 Hidden Gnomes also represent collectibles you can find while playing the video game developed by Ubisoft; however, unlike the Research Points for example, they will not appear on your map even if you use Marcus’s NetHack ability to scan their locations.

Because of this, they are extremely hard to find, unless you know where to look for them. Luckily when you begin your quest to look for all Hidden Gnomes in Watch Dogs 2, you will find a map, which will show you the areas where they can be found.

Unfortunately, the map doesn’t show the exact locations and it doesn’t pinpoint the buildings where the Watch Dogs 2 Gnomes are hiding; therefore, you might need help when you look for them.

So, what are the Hidden Gnomes, and why you should collect them?

The Gnomes in Watch Dogs 2 are in fact an Easter Egg, and the game will not tell you about their existence. You will however, see one if you try to find all Research Points in the game, since the gnome and one of the Research Points share the same location.

They are garden gnomes, or dwarfs and they were hidden by developers in various places. If you manage to collect all 10 of them, you will unlock a special and unique outfit, known as the Gnome Costume.

To be able to pick-up the Hidden Gnomes, you have to start the corresponding mission, which doesn’t offer too much details and it’s not marked in your mission log. This mission starts by finding the Hidden Gnomes locations map, and ends when you find the hidden Gnome outfit, assuming you have collected all ten Gnomes.

The following guide explains how to collect all Gnomes, how to start the mission that allows you to pick them up, and finally how to unlock the secret outfit.

Remember that this outfit is not included in our guide for the hidden Clothing Items, therefore you will not find it on our maps we have created for those collectables.

San Francisco Hidden Gnomes Locations

San Francisco Area Hidden Gnomes Locations

Hidden Gnomes Locations Map – The first thing you need to collect, is the map we have marked above. This in-game map will trigger a mission, and will allow Marcus to pick up the Hidden Gnomes in San Francisco and Oakland. So, first reach the location marked above, and look for a Seafood Restaurant. Using your RC Jumper check the air duct under the wooden stairs outside, and you will find a Research Point, a Gnome and a laptop. Interact with the laptop and you will start the mission. Don’t try to pick up the Gnome nearby because it is not part of the quest, but zoom your Jumper’s camera and you will see that the laptop’s screen shows a map and 12 locations. Two of them are marked by an X and 10 of them show areas. One of the locations marked by an X is your current location, while the other one marks the location of the outfit. Don’t go there yet because the Gnome outfit will not spawn. Instead, travel to the location marked by 1 on our map.

Hidden Gnome 1 – This Gnome is located inside a restricted area. You will find it hidden in the dog’s house on the right side of the main gate. Remain outside the red zone, and use your RC Jumper to rush inside the area and get the Gnome before the guards can react. You can also distract them away from the dog’s house if you like.

Hidden Gnome 2 – The second Hidden Gnome is inside an air duct on the roof of a building. Start in the back alley and use the RC Jumper to hack the CCTV at the bottom of the building near the scissor lift. To get inside use the air duct near the room where the box is located, and send your Jumper through the hole. Now, follow the blue line and go to the rooftop. Open the grate to the air duct, and send your Jumper inside. When you reach the other side, you will find a Gnome facing a TV. Pick it up.

Hidden Gnome 3 – This Gnome is close to the Tenderloin landmark. In the corner of the street marked on our map, look for a Papa B’s Pawn Shop. Enter the shop and turn right to see the Gnome on the second shelf.

Hidden Gnome 4 – South-east from Haum Data Center you will find this Gnome. It is on the roof of a building (marked above) but to get it you need a scissor lift. Look around this area and use the lift to get to the rooftop where the Gnome is waiting for you. There is also a large teddy bear here.

Hidden Gnome 5 – For this Gnome you need to reach the upper terrace of the Transbay Center. When you get on the last floor you should notice that it’s in fact a small park. Look for a large red cube which serves as an abstract statue. Near it is a high wall made of green bushes. Use your Quadcopter to look inside the area and you will see an army of Gnomes. Now, deploy the RC Jumper and jump on the smaller bush, then hop over the high green wall. Pick up the Gnome with the green hat between the two teddy bears.

Hidden Gnome 6 – This Gnome is under the highway in the backyard of a deposit. You should see it in a bathtub, next to a yellow and white tent. To get over the fence, look for a scissor lift across the street. Use it to jump inside and get the collectible.

Hidden Gnome 7 –The seventh Gnome on our map can be found west of SFMOMA, and above the Taqueria Fast-Food restaurant. Use the scissor lift across the street to reach the roof, and look for it just above the said restaurant in the left corner of the lower roof.

Hidden Gnome 8 – West from Mission Dolores Park is the next Hidden Gnome. Check the location we have marked, and look for it inside a Jacuzzi, on a porch in the backyard of several houses. It is extremely easy to collect using Marcus or the RC Jumper.

Hidden Gnome 9 – This Gnome is on the upper terrace behind a donut shop. This specific donut shop is also a ScoutX location. To get the Gnome, check the back alley and follow the stairs up to the terrace. Look for it near a small marijuana field and close to an abstract statue made of stone. Once you get it, move to the Oakland area and use the map below.

Oakland Hidden Gnomes Locations

Oakland Area Gnomes Hidden Gnomes Locations

Hidden Gnome 10 – As you can see on our map, the last Gnome is north from Blume Arena, but it’s in the sewers. Start south from the location we have marked and look for an entrance to the tunnel. Swim north and keep an eye on the left side of the tunnel to see two boats parked nearby. Check the upper area behind the boats to find the last Gnome.

Hidden Gnomes Outfit – Now, all you have to do, is to reach the location we have marked on our first map above to pick up your prize. Look for it in the small park south-east from WKZ Station, and you will find it inside a tent hidden within the bushes.

After you pick it up, return to your HQ and visit the wardrobe. You will find the clothing items included in the Watch Dogs 2 Gnome Outfit set in the Miscellaneous section where they are named ?!.

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