Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Collectibles Locations

Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Oakview Collectibles Locations

In Walking Dead Survival Instinct, the game, after you complete the objectives in Fontana, you will be asked to pick one of the two new destinations that appear on your map:  Cleburne or Oakview, both of them featuring a series of collectibles that should be found.

If you decide to travel to Oakview, the Walking Dead Survival Instinct collectible you should find is a Stuffed Squirrel, and the following video game guide reveals its location.

For those who want to collect the Walking Dead Survival Instinct Stuffed Squirrel in Oakview faster, the guide below offers a series of tips and hints that will eventually lead players to the hidden collectable.

Oakview Description:

“The Cherokee Hills Lumber mill outside Oakview established a secure camp. Receiving government aid, the camp offers medicine & shelter to survivors.”

Oakview Stuffed Squirrel Location

To find the Stuffed Squirrel in Oakview, you have to look for it after you cross the first area of the lumber mill.

Eventually you will reach a fence and the only way towards your objective is through a hole in the said fence. As soon as you enter the next zone you should see multiple white tents.

At this point it is important to turn right and remain near the fence. Continue to advance until you see a large building in front of you.

The collectible in inside the last tent to your left, assuming that you have followed the instructions and the fence is to your right, while looking at the building.

Once you have collected the Oakview Stuffed Squirrel, complete the remaining objectives, and then escape the sawmill to unlock Taggart, which is the next area you have to visit.

Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Collectibles Locations
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