Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Collectibles Locations

Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Fontana Collectibles Locations

No matter what path you choose to follow after Sedalia (Garwater or Pemberton) after you leave one of these two cities, you will eventually enter a new Walking Dead Survival Instinct area, called Fontana.

In Fontana, you will have to locate two additional TWD: Survival Instinct video game collectibles: a Stuffed Squirrel and a hidden Poster.

While the poster is easy to find, the Stuffed Squirrel in Fontana is quite easy to miss because of its location, which can be overlooked by many fans of the videogame.

The following TWD video-game guide explains where to find both collectibles in Fontana, and reveals their locations through a series of hints.

Fontana Description:

“Fontana officials erected barricade and security measures to contain walker swarms and protect the populace. These measures were effective, to a point.”

Fontana Stuffed Squirrel Location

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct Stuffed Squirrel in Fontana is probably the hardest to find.  After you leave the starting area, you will eventually enter a parking lot.

First, try to clear the lot without alerting the Walkers, then stop and look around. Near a fence and some trash bins is a white car with a Walker on it.

Behind the car is a fence and you can spot a Walker behind it. Jump on the said car, and then jump again on the trash bin near it. Now, jump again over the fence and you will enter the yard mentioned above. Kill all Walkers that spawn, and focus on the truck you see in the corner of the yard.

Behind the truck you should also spot some boxes. Next, jump on the truck using the boxes, and then ascend until you reach the roof. Look around to see a chair and next to it you will see the Stuffed Squirrel, which is the first TWD Survival Instinct collectible in Fontana.

Fontana Poster Location

The second collectable in Fontana is a Poster. After you collect the Squirrel continue to advance through the buildings looking for Merle.

Once you enter the building pointed by your compass you should hear a voice coming from a room to the left. At this point you can notice that you are inside a restaurant.

The woman you hear is Anna Turner, and she is located behind some barricades in the kitchen. Go around the bar and look for a poster showing a chef/cook. The poster also has the word Review on it.

Approach the item and collect it, then talk to Anna. After you finish all objectives in Fontana, you will be asked to pick the next location: Cleburne or Oakview. If you travel to Cleburne, you will miss two locations: Oakview and Taggart, both of them featuring a series of collectables; however, you can travel there later if you play the video game again.

Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Collectibles Locations
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