Virtual Reality At Online Casinos

Virtual Reality At Online Casinos

There have been many innovations and technological advances that have helped to shape the gaming industry, and during the last decade or so we have seen an exponential rise in both devices and software, but also in the speed of the internet which means that online gaming is now appealing to a diverse section of the general public.

Those that like to gamble online have seen a great deal of progress as those in the industry have worked hard making the games as real as possible.

Games have come a long way since the very first online casinos back in the 90’s. Take play BGO casino for example, who employ mini-me for its advertising campaign on the TV.

At online casinos such as BGO you can enjoy an excellent range of games which take place in an exciting environment and you are also in with a chance of some great cash prizes.

For those of you who cannot remember those early days of gambling online, or who were not old enough to play at an online casino, poor graphics and few settings was the name of the game then, in fact that is being kind, they were as dreadful as you could imagine and then some!

Since then things have gone along at a great pace, we can now enjoy some superb animations, and introductions that are extremely entertaining and audio is perfectly matched too.

We can even enjoy the experience of the Live Casino with a real live dealer, taking part in real time, and from a bricks and mortar venue all via the use of web-cam. These live games allow players to chat with each other and the dealer, making it as close as you could get at this time to being in a real casino.

So what could possibly be in store for those who play at online casinos in the future?

There are two main players called Oculus Rift and GameFace which have worked for a long period of time developing something called Virtual Reality Casino.

This is achieved by wearing a mask that covers your eyes completely and black out all about you, then a screen appears and you can interact with a game controller and your hands.

What you would see whilst wearing the mask would be a normal casino, a bricks and mortar one, probably a lot of velvet and piped music. You would be able to walk about the venue using your game controller, and when you sit yourself down at a table and are playing, you will be able to use your own hands via the web cam.

If our mobile devices were able to be connected to the Virtual Reality Casino with voice navigation the industry would be driven forward even more. Oculus Rift have been bought by Facebook so there is a great deal of money being poured into this.

Of course with something so big there is obviously competition for the market and Google, Sony and Samsung are watching Facebook closely, this means that the Virtual Reality projects could actually speed up, which is great news for the general public.

Virtual Reality At Online Casinos

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