Vietcong 2 Cheats and Trainers

Vietcong 2 Cheats and Trainers

Our Vietcong 2 game guide reveals two cheating methods that can be used by those players who have purchased Vietcong 2, and wish to beat the game faster.

The first method involves a special megatrainer for Vietcong 2, while the second method reveals the full list of cheat codes that can be typed by all players, during the game.

Vietcong 2 is a first-person shooter developed by Pterodon and Illusion Softworks exclusively for PC.

In U.S, the video game was released on October 24, 2005, and in Europe, on November 4, 2005, being published by 2K Games.

Vietcong 2 is the direct sequel to the 2003 tactical-shooter Vietcong. Just like in the previous game, the action in Vietcong 2 takes place during the Vietnam War.

According to, Vietcong 2 was received with average critics. As of January 16, 2012, the majority of the critics gave the videogame between 50 and 74 points out of 100.

Gamers Europe and Worth Playing are the two critics that rated the game at 75+ and on the other side of the list is Computer Gaming World which granted the game 40 points.

Vietcong 2 Trainer

The first Vietcong 2 cheating method presented in our guide requires a special trainer that can be downloaded from or DLH. net.

The trainer was developed for Vietcong 2 V1.10, and to use it, players should:

Download it from or

Extract the files included in the Vietcong_2_V1.10_+4_Trainer.rar archive

Copy the files in the game’s directory

Run the trainer

Start the game

Vietcong 2 Cheats

When the game starts, while the trainer runs in background, press the following keys to activate the trainer’s options:

Ctrl + F1 – Set God Mode ON/OFF

Ctrl + F2 – One hit kill

Ctrl + F3 – Infinite ammo

Ctrl + F4 – Infinite clips

Vietcong 2 Cheats List

To cheat in Vietcong 2 using normal cheat codes, start the game, and then press ~. When the console shows up, type one of the following codes:

cheat.god – Set God Mode ON/OFF

cheat.heal – Instant health recover

cheat.openvc – Unlock all VC missions

cheat.openus – Unlock all US missions

cheat.nextmission – Skip to the next mission

cheat.saveunltd – Set unlimited saves ON/OFF

cheat.erikgun – Set crazy gun ON/OFF

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