Tropico 4 Modern Times Cheats and Trainers

Tropico 4 Modern Times Cheats and Trainers

Tropico 4 Modern Times is the Tropico 4 expansion released on March 27, 2012, for PC, and the following cheating guide reveals a trainer that can be used to activate a Tropico 4 Modern Times cheat to get unlimited money in the game.

Since Tropico 4 Modern Times features a similar gameplay as the core game, which is a management simulation-based video game, players and fans of the title already know how important is for El Presidente to have enough money at his disposal; therefore, the Tropico 4 Modern Times  trainer below  can be used to fulfill this special need.

It is important to know that the trainer woks only with the Tropico 4 expansion and can’t be used to activate the money cheat while playing the base version of the game.

Additionally, the trainer was developed for Tropico 4 for PC, and is not compatible with Tropico 4 for Xbox 360.

In Tropico 4 Modern Times, the player continues his career as one on of the most powerful dictators in the world, El Presidente; but this time he will have the chance to witness the evolution of his island from the Cold War era to the future.

Featuring twelve new missions, more than 30 new buildings and 10 new edicts, Tropico 4 Modern Time brings new challenges to all players.

Old buildings must be destroyed to satisfy the citizens’ requirements, the infrastructure must be modernized and the access to the Internet can be limited.

Just like in Tropico 4, these actions will affect the ruler’s notoriety, which will automatically trigger new events.

The events in Tropico 4 Modern Times take place one year after those from Tropico 4.

Penultimo, El Presidente’s right hand, destroys the nation, and now, the dictator must rebuild everything from the ground.

Tropico 4 Modern Times Cheats and Trainers for PC

One of the free Tropico 4 Modern Times trainers that can be used in the video-game, is available for download on

To successfully install and activate the trainer, players must follow several steps:

Download the trainer from

Extract all files included in MrHackTV_Tropico_4_MT_Trainer_1.0.rar

Copy the files extracted into the game’s directory

Start the trainer

Click on Help and then on Cheats List, to see the assigned key for the money cheat.

Run the game

Tropico 4 Modern Times PC Money Cheat

After the game starts, press the corresponding key to activate the Tropico 4 Modern Times infinite money cheat.

By default the key is NUMPAD 1; however it can be changed by opening the trainer’s menu, and by clicking on Options and then on Settings.

Select Hotkeys in the new window, and then change the Cheat 1 hotkey with a new one.

Tropico 4 Modern Times Cheats and Trainers
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