Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Audio Logs Locations – Chapter 7: Infiltration

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Chapter 7: Infiltration is the only mission in the video game that includes 5 Audio Logs, all of them being revealed by the video guide.

Audio Log 1 – When you reach the end of the highway, you will have to follow Jazz through a door. Before entering the facility turn left while facing it and look for the Audio Log at the end of the area, near another door, behind a small wall.

Audio Log 2 – The second Audio Log is in the area where you have to fight a large number of Decepticons.

Notice the green toxic substance below you. When you enter the said area, head up and right to reach the upper level, and look for the collectable near a crate.

Audio Log 3 – After you exit the recycling unit, using the bridge pulled by Jazz, you will enter a long corridor. Push forward and defeat your enemies, but pay close attention to the left side of the tunnel.

The collectable is behind another crate.

Audio Log 4 – The fourth Audio Log is in the first area where you need to disable several laser gates. When you enter the room, the Audio Log should be on your right side, on the upper platform.

Audio Log 5 – The last Audio Log can be found in the room where Cliffjumper is being held captive. The moment you enter, turn right and look for it near a larger crate

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