Top 5 Android Games to Spend Time With

From first-person shooters to endless runners, there is truly a game for everyone on Android’s Google Play app store. Read below to find out the top five Android games that are worthy of wasting your time.


  1. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – This app brings the uber-popular strategic card-dueling game Hearthstone into the mobile world. Dueling with witches and warlocks all across the world is a breeze, and will surely require some much-needed brainpower on your part. If you’ve already got a Hearthstone account on your PC or Mac, you can take your account with you on the road through this nifty mobile app.


  1. Rolling Snail – In the world of puzzle adventure games, Rolling Snail is a bright spot that will have you playing it during your free time. It’s a physics-based game where you help the main protagonist, Speedy, get to the end of the level by drawing 2D shapes. They all come to life in his 3D world. Whether Speedy will get to his destination before being spotted is up to you.


  1. Run Sausage Run – A culinary free-runner for the ages; this game transforms you into a sausage as you make your way through a kitchen and avoid getting burned, smashed, sliced, or chopped. Collect coins throughout your journey to buy power-ups, like the nifty buns of steel. If you’d rather cook up some sausages and play with some real money, you can play slots here


  1. Crossy Road – This generation’s Froggy turns the classic on its head as you maneuver through a frantic 3D world. Cross over roads, rivers, and train tracks; the possibilities are endless, literally.


  1. PUBG Mobile – Otherwise known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, this worldwide first-person shooter is the original battle royale experience. Battle against 99 other players in a winner-takes-all showdown, and see who ends up with the bragging rights in the end.


Whether you’re waiting at the doctor’s office or passing time on the bus, these five games pack enough entertainment to make the time pass in a snap. Download one (or all!) into your Android phone, and enjoy the fun.

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