Tomb Raider Cliffside Bunker Treasure Maps Locations

Tomb Raider Treasure Maps Locations

Even if they don’t count as collectibles, the Tomb Raider Treasure Maps are probably the most important items Lara Croft can find on the Yamatai Island, along with the weapons and tools she needs to explore all areas.

The sole purpose of a Tomb Raider treasure map is to reveal the locations of all collectibles in the video game, such as GPS Caches, Documents and Relics; however, to acquire these maps, players will have to scout the island and also solve some puzzles and riddles.

The videogame includes no more than 14 Tomb Raider treasure maps, and the guide below was created in order to reveal their exact locations as well as additional information players may need if they wish to acquire all of them; but there are several facts that must be mentioned regarding these items.

The first thing players should know is that the treasure maps in Tomb Raider are divided in two categories, based on the collectibles they display on the in-game map.

Some treasure maps, reveal the locations of all relics along with the GPS caches or the Documents in an area, while others display only a single type of collectibles.

As an example, the Summer Forest Relic Map also contains the locations of all Summer Forest GPS Caches; while the Shantytown Relics Map also includes all Shantytown Documents.

On the other hand, one of the treasure maps in Mountain Village, reveals only the GPS Caches that can be located in this specific area of the video game.

The second fact that players should be aware of, refers to the locations of these specific maps. From the beginning, players should know that 7 Tomb Raider Treasure Maps, out of 14, can be acquired by completing the puzzles inside the tombs.

The remaining maps are well hidden within the island, in areas that can be overlooked. In this case, a good example is represented by the Tomb Raider collectibles that can be found in the large area known as Mountain Village, and those located in the starting area called Coastal Forest.

Mountain Village, includes two tombs (one of them north from the Fast Travel Camp), and inside them (assuming that players manage to raid both of them), Lara Croft will find the maps that reveal all Mountain Village collectibles.

But since the Coastal Forest doesn’t include any tombs, players will have to find the treasure map by scouting the area.

Because of this, the maps below are very important for those who want to achieve a 100% completion rate at the end of the video game.

Additionally, the guide includes a table of contents for all zones where players can find treasure maps, as well as a series of links for the tombs where these items can be located.

For each Tomb Raider tomb, a separate walkthrough was created to help players finish the corresponding puzzles and retrieve the treasure maps.

Tomb Raider Treasure Maps List

Coastal Forest – 1 Treasure Map

Mountain Temple – 1 Treasure Map

Mountain Village – 2 Treasure Maps – Rewards for raiding Tomb of the Unworthy and Hall of Ascension

Base Exterior – 1 Treasure Map

Shantytown – 2 Treasure Maps – Rewards for raiding Well of Tears and Chamber of Judgment

Summit Forest – 1 Treasure Map – Reward for raiding Stormguard Sanctum

Geothermal Caverns – 1 Treasure Map

Chasm Shrine – 1 Treasure Map

Research Base – 1 Treasure Map

Shipwreck Beach – 2 Treasure Map – Rewards for raiding Temple of the Handmaidens and The Flooded Vault

Cliffside Bunker – 1 Treasure Map


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