Tomb Raider Summit Forest Tombs Locations

Tomb Raider Tombs Locations

Seven hidden Tomb Raider tombs can be raided by players who wish to get a 100% completion rate at the end of the video game, or to find all treasure maps in order to reveal the locations for all collectibles that can be acquired by Lara Croft.

Unlike the GPS Caches, Documents or Relics, the tombs contain a series of puzzles that can be solved by Lara in order to reach the final treasure chest.

An important aspect that must be mentioned regarding the tombs in Tomb Raider is that some of them can’t be accessed without the proper equipment.

As an example, one of the tombs, which is located on Shipwreck Beach north from the Fast Travel Camp requires the rope ascender.

The tomb, called Temple of the Handmaidens, features an entrance blocked by a large log, which can’t be moved without the said tool.

In order to enter and raid the Temple of the Handmaidens, Lara must visit the shipwreck of her ship and retrieve the required tool, during one of the main missions.

Another example is the tomb known as Tomb of the Unworthy. Even if the entrance appears on the map of Coastal Forest, players who try to reach it will observe that they need a climbing axe.

The rope ascender, the climbing axe, as well as all other equipment pieces can be unlocked by advancing through the game’s main story.

A good idea for those who intend to complete all tombs in Tomb Raider, is to focus on the storyline, and finish the game first in order to unlock all tools and weapons.

When the game ends, Lara will be able to continue her adventures and explore all areas of the island. A tomb in Tomb Raider is a smaller area, usually a cave, in which Lara must solve a single puzzle or riddle.

All tombs have the same goal: to get to the large treasure chest so Lara can loot it. Additionally, all rewards are similar, meaning that these specific chests contain maps, also known as treasure maps.

The following Tomb Raider guide was created  to reveal the locations of all tombs in the video game.

The guide includes the maps needed by players who want to find the hidden tombs, as well as a table of contents for all areas in the game, and the corresponding walkthroughs for all Tomb Raider tombs.

The walkthroughs explain how to solve the puzzles and how to get the rewards hidden in the secret chambers of the Yamatai.

Tomb Raider Tombs List

Mountain Village – 2 Tombs (Tomb of the Unworthy and Hall of Ascension)

Shantytown – 2 Tombs (Well of Tears and Chamber of Judgment)

Summit Forest – 1 Tomb (Stormguard Sanctum)

Shipwreck Beach – 2 Tombs (Temple of the Handmaidens and The Flooded Vault)

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