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Tomb Raider Stormguard Sanctum Walkthrough

While exploring the Summit Forest, Lara Croft can raid the fifth tomb in the video game, named Stormguard Sanctum.

The tomb’s entrance is located in the second area of the forest, if you walk north from the Hunting Lodge Fast Travel Camp.

Tomb Raider Stormguard Sanctum is different than the previous one (Chamber of Judgment), since it is a cave filled with toxic gas. Since the gas will slowly kill Lara, the fire arrows are required to complete the puzzle.

The following Tomb Raider Stormguard Sanctum walkthrough explains how to raid the fifth tomb, offering a step-by-step guide which contains the moves you have to make in order to successfully complete the puzzle in Stormguard Sanctum.


1250 XP

Summer Forest Relic Map which also reveals the locations for all Summer Forest GPS Caches

Special Equipment Required

Fire Arrows

Climbing Axe

Puzzle Solution

To complete the Stormguard Sanctum tomb, when you reach the camp nearby, activate the Survival Instinct to locate the following objects: three suspended torches, the explosive barrels, the torch on the ground, and the climbing wall on the right side of the cave.

The goal of the puzzle is to climb the wall to the right, and then explore the second floor, where the chest containing the treasure map is located.

1. Using your fire arrows, light the torch on the ground and the explosive barrels.

2. After the explosion, light the suspended torches. Their purpose is to offer additional light inside the tomb.

3. When you are ready, use another fire arrow on the gas you see in front of you, to create another explosion.

4. Head up using the wooden wall in front of you (where the barrels you destroyed earlier were located). Turn left and continue to climb the next wall and reach another platform.

5. Now, activate the Survival Instinct to see more barrels on top of the climbing wall, as well as the fourth suspended torch, to the right.

6 Light the torch, and blow up the barrels to clear the path. Now, you should see the fifth torch, which was hidden behind the barrels. Use another fire arrow on it.

7. Head forward on the ledge, and then jump on the climbing wall.

8. Ascend the wall, and look at the end of the tunnel for the treasure chest.

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