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Tomb Raider Chamber of Judgment Walkthrough

Tomb Raider Chamber of Judgment or the fourth tomb in the video game is also located in Shantytown, just like the third tomb, named Well of Tears.

The entrance to Chamber of Judgment is behind the Fast Travel Camp called Windmill, which is found while Lara tries to reach Grim.

The Fast Travel Camp is on the eastern side of the second area in Shantytown.

The Tomb Raider Chamber of Judgment walkthrough below is a step by step videogame guide created with the purpose of helping Tomb Raider fans who have difficulties in completing the puzzle in Chamber of Judgment.

The guide reveals the steps that should be followed to complete the riddle and retrieve another Tomb Raider treasure map.


1250 XP

Shantytown GPS Caches Map

Special Equipment Required

Rope Arrows

Climbing Axe

Puzzle Solution

The first step in completing the Chamber of Judgment puzzle is to identify the items Lara can use in order to reach the final chest.

When you activate her Survival Instincts you should see several canisters, a climbing wall on the right side of the statue, a lever which will be used as a ramp, and a wheel attached to a suspended pole. You can also observe that some canisters are located on wooden shelves.

Your goal is to reach the ladder between the climbing wall and the statue, then the second floor of the tomb.

1. Place Lara in front of the statue, and turn right to see the suspended pillar and the wheel attached to it. Use a rope arrow to pull the pillar towards you and demolish the shelf behind it.

2. Grab the canister on the ground and throw it on the shelf located on the left side of the large statue. Look around for another canister (you should see it near the lever), and throw it on the same shelf as the first one. Wait for the shelf to fall. At this point you should have three canisters on the ground.

3. Throw two of them on the shelf you can see under the climbing wall. After you destroy it, on the ground should be four canisters.

4. Take all canisters to the lever near the fire, and place them on it. Make sure you thrown them on the side closest to the fire. When all canisters have been placed, the lever will move, and Lara can use it as a ramp.

5. Jump towards the climbing wall and press X to use the climbing axe.

6. Move left and jump on the ladder.

7. Ascend and check the tunnel for the chest and the map it contains.

Tomb Raider Collectibles Locations
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