Tomb Raider Shipwreck Beach Camps Locations

Tomb Raider Camps Locations

The Tomb Raider Camps are key elements in the video game for many reasons, and it is very important to find them all as soon as possible.

Early in the game, Lara Croft finds her first Base Camp. There isn’t much to do at that time, because all features of the Tomb Raider Camps are unlocked later.

There are many regions that can be explored in Tomb Raider (most of them containing  hidden collectibles), and once a Camp is found, it can be used to fast travel between different areas, thus being a very important addition to the game.

In order to uncover the secrets of the island, Lara must learn new skills and upgrade her equipment. Experience can be gained through different actions, such as combat, exploring, and completing various tasks and missions; and when enough experience is accumulated, players will earn a skill point.

These skill points can be used at a Base Camp to unlock new abilities.

The skill tree is divided in three categories: Survivor Upgrades, Hunter Upgrades, and Brawler Upgrades.

Survivor Upgrades

Animal Instincts


Advanced Salvaging

Bone Collector

Arrow Retrieval


Climber’s Agility



Hunter Upgrades

Steady Shot

Ammo Capacity

Heavy Lifter

Accomplished Killer

Bow Expert

Pistol Expert

Rifle Expert

Shotgun Expert

Brawler Upgrades

Pain Tolerance

Dirty Tricks

Axe Strikes

Axe Expert

Dodge Counter

Dodge Kill

Dodge Kill Mastery

One of the noteworthy skill is the Cartography, which reveals all Tomb Entrances and Treasure Maps on the main map when Lara is near them.

However, Cartography requires several points invested in other skills before it becomes available, since Cartography is a Tier 3 skill.

Many areas in Tomb Raider are locked early in the game, and they require various equipment in order to be accessed; equipment that is found at certain points in the videogame.

That’s why players must return to other regions using the fast travel system available at Base Camps, if they want to find all Documents, Relics or GPS Caches that were previously inaccessible.

Probably the most important item is the Climbing Axe, because it can be used to pry open crates, to climb surfaces, or to slide on zip lines.

However, the Climbing Axe is a simple tool when Lara finds it, so she has to collect salvage and then upgrade it at a Tomb Raider Camp, just like any other weapon or tool in the video game.

Bow Upgrades

Rope Arrows

Fire Arrows

Napalm Arrows

Explosive Arrows

Reinforced Limbs

Plaited String

Stabilizing Weight

Penetrating Arrows

Wrapped String

Key Ring Trigger

Shotgun Upgrades

Full Choke

Incendiary Shells

Barrel Shroud

Modified Receiver

Polished Bolt

Padded Grip

Wrapped Stock

Shell Mag

Drum Mag

Rifle Upgrades

Grenade Launcher

Frag Grenades

High Capacity

Mag Barrel

Shroud Match

Grade Barrel

Padded Stock

Muzzle Brake

Taped Double Mag

Polished Ejector

Scope Silencer

Handgun Upgrades

Burst Fire Mod

Extended Mag

High Capacity Mag

Port Vented Slide Muzzle

Brake Polished Barrel Magazine

Well Rapid Fire Mod

Ergonomic Grip Silencer

Gear Upgrades


Tomb Raider Camps Locations Guide

Coastal Forest – 3 Camps

Mountain Temple – 1 Camp

Mountain Village – 5 Camps

Base Approach – 1 Camp

Mountain Base – 1 Camp

Base Exterior – 2 Camps

Cliffside Village – 1 Camp

Shantytown – 6 Camps

Summit Forest – 3 Camps

Geothermal Caverns – 2 Camps

Solarii Fortress – 1 Camp

Chasm Monastery – 1 Camp

Chasm Stronghold – 1 Camp

Chasm Shrine – 2 Camps

Chasm Ziggurat – 1 Camp

Research Base – 1 Camp

Shipwreck Beach – 4 Camps

Cliffside Bunker – 2 Camps

All regions of the island feature at least a Tomb Raider Camp (aside from two particular sections), and the next part of the guide provides detailed maps revealing their locations.

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