Test your ability to strategise on Throne: Kingdom at War.

While battling to get ahead might be seem like the best move, the construction of your empire would form the most vital part of your success. As a lord, your success depends on the strength of your buildings, the training of your most trusted armies and your strategies to attack neighboring towns.

Even the most experienced need to carefully consider each move and how your Hero’s skills are upgraded for the best possible advantage. Of course, gold plays a critical factor, which is earned by completing various tasks and taking down those you attack and the ones brave enough to attack your town.

Regardless of your success as a lone lord, even the strongest cannot succeed entirely alone. A major part of Throne: Kingdom at War gameplay requires trusted alliances who aid in your strategies, offer resources and help you as a lord to defend better and gain a higher ranking. Of course, it’s your responsibility to assist your allies in the same way, leading to more success for all who join your specific clan.

Your Success Depends on Strategy

While this real-time game might allow a few victories against others with the sheep power of your army, you’re bound to meet an enemy with a strategy who defeats you without the same manpower, simply by planning the attack better and having an army with great levels.

Therefore, strategizing and considering every possible move would lead to your success as a lord. Not only do you need stand ready for any form of attack on the battle field, but as an experienced diplomat and warrior, you need to have a strategy of your own victory.

Your town’s defense plays yet another major role in your success as attacks might march up to your gate and demand your resources. The planning of your army’s position, the strength of your walls and the abilities of your hero, all determine the outcome of an attack. A pour strategy could see your strong army fail against a well thought out plan of attack from your enemy.

Build and Attack as You Want

As an experienced warrior, having options is a vital requirement to enabling your strategies. Therefore, the way you use your gold and town’s resources remain your choice. Either enhance the abilities of your hero and armies to dominate on the battle grounds or focus on your reinforcements, resources and industry for become a stronger town.

It’s even possible to combine the strategies, becoming equally strong in both aspects, but also taking longer to get there, leaving you somewhat vulnerable in both aspects. However, in the long run, you might just discover the beneficial strength over your enemies.

As with your armies and hero, your town is up-gradable to multiple levels, not only making it stronger, but faster and more effective at the same time. Upgrades aid in creating a bigger army for larger defeats while being stronger against inbound attacks from your biggest enemies.

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