Thor God of Thunder Game Guide

Thor God of Thunder Game Guide: Thor’s Skills and Special Abilities

In Thor: God of Thunder, the video game developed by Liquid Entertainment, the main character of the game is Thor, Odin’s son.

Using his powerful Mjolnir hammer, Thor is capable to control the powers of thunder, lighting and wind. Each power allows him to perform various special moves and attacks, while fighting against his enemies.

Additionally, in the game, players are able to upgrade Thor’s skills, making his special attacks even more powerful, or increasing his attributes, such as his health.

Thor’s skills can be accessed in the game’s menu or by pressing the Back button. These special abilities are divided in six categories (trees) and each upgrade requires a fixed amount of valor points. Some upgrades also have special requirements, while others don’t.

The guide below teaches players how to upgrade Thor’s powers, and how many valor points are required for each upgrade. Furthermore, players will be able to find out, how each upgrade will affect Thor’s attributes and his attacks.

NOTE: Some moves were extracted from the game, while playing on Xbox 360. Because of this, PlayStation 3 owners can replace the following keys:

X (on Xbox 360) = Square (on PS3)
Y (on Xbox 360) = Triangle (on PS3)
A (on Xbox 360) = X (on PS3)
B (on Xbox 360) = Circle (on PS3)

Thor’s Melee Upgrades List

Charged Lightning Shield – Costs: 2000 Valor Points – How to execute: Tap X and hold Y to trigger – Requirements: None

Charged Thunder Breaker – Costs: 2000 Valor Points – How to execute: Tap X,X and hold Y to trigger – Requirements: None

Charged Mjolnir Smash – Costs: 4000 Valor Points – How to execute: Tap X,X,X,X and hold Y to trigger – RequirementsCharged Thunder Breaker

Charged Wind Sweep – Costs: 4000 Valor Points – How to execute: Tap X,X,X, and hold Y to trigger – RequirementsCharged Lightning Shield

Stormlord – Costs: 6000 Valor Points – RequirementsCharged Mjolnir SmashCharged Wind Sweep – Allows Thor to enter the Stormlord state which increases the damage he deals with all melee attacks and decreases the damage he takes. Additionally, the enemies struck by Thor are knocked back further.

Thor’s General Upgrades List

Health Boost 1 – Costs: 2000 Valor Points – Requirements: None – Thor’s health is permanently increased by 125

Health Boost 2 – Costs: 4000 Valor Points – Requirements: None – Thor’s health is permanently increased by 250

Odinforce Boost 1 – Costs: 2000 Valor Points – Requirements: None – Thor’s Odinforce is permanently increased by 125

Odinforce Boost 2 – Costs: 4000 Valor Points – RequirementsOdinforce Boost 1 – Thor’s Odinforce is permanently increased by 250

Odinforce Regeneration – Costs: 6000 Valor Points – RequirementsOdinforce Boost 2 – Thor’s Odinforce regenerates over time

Thor’s Hammer Throw Upgrades List

Meteor Throw – Costs: 2000 Valor Points – Requirements: None – Can be performed after impact, during Mjolnir

SmashHammer Slam and Ground Pound

Buzzsaw Throw – Costs: 4000 Valor Points – Requirements: None – Thor’s hammer spins horizontally towards the target while coursing electricity

Overhand Throw – Costs: 2000 Valor Points – Requirements: None – Thor hurls his hammer with both hands, knocking enemies aside and inflicting heavy armor damage

Re-Throw – Costs: 4000 Valor Points – Requirements: None – After performing a Whirlwind Throw, Thor catches his hammer, and throws it back

Mjolnir Blast – Costs: 6000 Valor Points – RequirementsBuzzsaw Throw – Thor’s hammer detonates an explosion of lighting, after the hammer reaches the end of its trajectory

Thor’s Wind Power Upgrades List

Wind Gust – Costs: 2000 Valor Points – Requirements: None – Thor’s Wind Blast attack travels further, hitting enemies or dispersing flames

Vortex – Costs: 4000 Valor Points – RequirementsWind Gust – Thor’s Wind Blast also generates a small vortex, which knocks back nearby enemies

Twister – Costs: 2000 Valor Points – Requirements: None – Thor’s Cyclone attack can be guided faster across the battlefield

Hurricane – Costs: 4000 Valor Points – RequirementsTwister – Thor’s Cyclone lasts longer

Wind Shield – Costs: 6000 Valor Points – RequirementsVortexHurricane – When Thor is struck, a vortex appears around him, pushing back nearby enemies

Thor’s Thunder Power Upgrades List

Faultline – Costs: 2000 Valor Points – Requirements: None – Thor’s Thunder Trench travels further and faster

Guided Trench – Costs: 4000 Valor Points – Requirements: None – Thor is now able to guide his Thunder Trench

Eartshaker – Costs: 2000 Valor Points – Requirements: None – Thor’s Earthquake travels further and deals more damage against armored enemies

Shockwave – Costs: 4000 Valor Points – Requirements: None – Thor’s Earthquake also generates a blastwave which expands around him dealing impressive armor damage to all nearby enemies

Aftershock – Costs: 6000 Valor Points – RequirementsGuided TrenchShockwave – When Thor slams his hammer into the ground he may trigger an Aftershock which knocks down nearby enemies. The Aftershock may be triggered only when Thor performs the following attacks: Mjolnir SmashCharged Mjolnir SmashGround PoundHammer Slam,Mjolnir DropWhirlwind Drop or Thunder Trench

Thor’s Lightning Power Upgrades List

Tempest Strike – Costs: 2000 Valor Points – Requirements: None – Thor’s Lightning Strike generates an additional lightning bolt

Shocking Strikes – Costs: 4000 Valor Points – Requirements: None – Enemies affected by Thor’s Lightning Strike may also be electrocuted and paralyzed

Stormfront – Costs: 2000 Valor Points – Requirements: None – Thor can guide his Lightning Storm faster

Stormreach – Costs: 4000 Valor Points – RequirementsStormfront – Thor’s Lightning Storm area of effect and damage are increased

Arc Lightning – Costs: 6000 Valor Points – RequirementsStormreachShocking Strikes – Thor’s lightning attack may infuse his enemies with Arc Lightning, which deals damage over time. Additionally, if Thor executes Lightning Strikes,Thunder Trench or Wind Blast, while an enemy is affected by Arc Lightning, that enemy will explode, damaging nearby foes.

Thor God of Thunder Game Guide
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