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Thor God of Thunder Game Guide: Thor’s Feats List

In Thor: God of Thunder, the video game, each area explored by the main character, Thor, features a set of feats that can be completed by players.

These feats should not be confused with the game’s achievements or trophies because the only thing they award are valor points. In fact, completing the game’s feats in every area is the best way to increase Thor’s amount of valor points.

Later, players can spend the valor points accumulated in the game, to upgrade Thor’s abilities and skills.

The amount of valor points awarded to Thor is different, based on each feat’s complexity. Additionally, each set of feats can be unlocked only in certain in-game areas, with the exception of Thor’s general feats and his combat feats.

For example, the player can’t complete the feats from Asgard while Thor explores Niflheim, but he will be able to complete the feats from Asgard as well as Thor’s combat feats and his general feats.

Keeping in mind that Thor can’t travel between in-game areas is also important, therefore players should focus on completing as many feats as they can while exploring each region.

A good way to complete as many feats as possible while playing Thor: God of Thunder is to check the lists provided in the guide below, every time Thor enters a new area.

Using this guide, players can find out what tasks they must complete in the game, in order to complete all feats, and eventually increase the number of valor points.

Some feats available in Thor: God of Thunder will also unlock trophies and achievements.

For example, the Favored Prince achievement can be unlocked by completing all feats in Asgard, while the Feat Fetish achievement can be unlocked by completing all feats in the game.

Thor’s General Feats List

The following feats can be completed in any area:

Shocking – Destroy 25 enemies with Lighting Strikes or Lighting Storm attacks

Electrocuting – Destroy 50 enemies with Lighting Strikes or Lighting Storm attacks

Obliterating – Destroy 100 enemies with Lighting Strikes or Lighting Storm attacks

Thundering – Destroy 25 armor pieces with Thunder Trench or Earthquake attacks

Booming – Destroy 50 armor pieces with Thunder Trench or Earthquake attacks

Defeating – Destroy 100 armor pieces with Thunder Trench or Earthquake attacks

Gusting – Knockback 25 enemies with Wind Blast or Cyclone attacks

Blasting – Knockback 50 enemies with Wind Blast or Cyclone attacks

Blasting – Knockback 100 enemies with Wind Blast or Cyclone attacks

Mjolnir’s Reach – Destroy 50 enemies with hammer throws attacks

Mjolnir’s Wrath – Destroy 100 enemies with hammer throws attacks

Mjolnir’s Fury – Destroy 200 enemies with hammer throws attacks

Superhuman – Destroy 25 enemies with grapple attacks

Asgardian Might – Destroy 75 enemies with grapple attacks

Belt of Strength – Destroy 150 enemies with grapple attacks

Martial Training – Counter or reflect 25 enemy attacks

Godly Reflexes – Counter or reflect 50 enemy attacks

Divine Skill – Counter or reflect 75 enemy attacks

Rune Charger – Energize 100 Runic Diagrams

Heavy Hitter – Destroy 500 enemies with upgraded combo attacks

Thor’s Combat Feats List

The following feats can be completed in any area:

Lightning Shield – Perform Lightning Shield five times

Charged Lightning Shield – Perform Charged Lightning Shield five times

Thunder Breaker – Perform Thunder Breaker five times

Charged Thunder Breaker – Perform Charged Thunder Breaker five times

Wind Sweep – Perform Wind Sweep five times

Charged Wind Sweep – Perform Charged Wind Sweep five times

Mjolnir Smash – Perform Mjolnir Smash five times

Charged Mjolnir Smash – Perform Charged Mjolnir Smash five times

Overhand Throw – Perform Overhand Throw five times

Buzzsaw Throw – Perform Buzzsaw Throw five times

Drill Throw – Perform Drill Throw five times

Slam Throw – Perform Slam Throw five times

Launchback Throw – Perform Launchback Throw five times

Meteor Throw – Perform Launchback Throw five times

Ground Pound – Perform Ground Pound five times

Hammer Slam – Perform Hammer Slam five times

Mjolnir Rush – Perform Mjolnir Rush five times

Mjolnir Launch – Perform Mjolnir Launch five times

Mjolnir Drop – Perform Mjolnir Drop five times

Thunderclap – Perform Thunderclap five times

Lanyard Swing – Perform Lanyard Swing five times

Prone Attack – Perform Prone Attack five times

Lightning Strikes – Perform Lightning Strikes five times

Lightning Storm – Perform Lightning Storm five times

Thunder Trench – Perform Thunder Trench five times

Earthquake – Perform Earthquake five times

Wind Blast – Perform Wind Blast five times

Cyclone – Perform Cyclone five times

Heroic Recovery – Perform Heroic Recovery five times

Asgard Feats List

The following feats can be completed only when Thor is in Asgard:

A Friend in Need – Rescue Sif

Commander – Rescue the Einherjar

Guardian – Prevent the Jotun from destroying Asgardian buildings

Giant Breaker – Stop the Jotun raid

Observant – Find a way to Niflheim

Grappler – Grapple ten different foes

Homeland Defense – Destroy 50 Jotun invaders

Asgard Gatherer – Find four collectibles on Asgard

Asgard Collector – Find eight collectibles on Asgard

Niflheim Feats List

The following feats can be completed only when Thor is in Niflheim:

Driven – Challenge Ymir

Relentless – Reach Ymir’s stronghold

Indomitable – Reach Ymir’s throne room

Vengeance – Defeat Ymir ?

Reckless – Open the Cave of Ages

Frostfire – Extinguish five frostfire clouds

Jade Breaker – Destroy three Jade Accelerators in Storm Spire

Jade Smasher – Destroy four Jade Columns atop the Storm Spire

Demolition – Destroy four ice pillars in Ymir’s throne room

Return Fire – Destroy five Jade Turrets

Hard Target – Destroy ten Jade Turrets

Nimble – Exit the cavern without being hit by the frigid winds

Spiked – Avoid being hit by Ymir’s ice spike traps

Surefooted – Reach the top of the Storm Spire without falling

Makeover – Smash Ymir’s face at his fortress entrance in under 20 seconds

Nemesis – Prevent Ymir from reforming three times outside the Cave of Ages

Unstopable – Break free from five freezing bonds

Niflheim Gatherer – Find five collectibles on Niflheim

Niflheim Collector – Find ten collectibles on Niflheim

Niflheim Raider – Find fifteen collectibles on Niflheim

Vanaheim Feats List

The following feats can be completed only when Thor is in Vanaheim:

Lost and Found – Discover where you are

Power Up – Reactivate the beacon and find the path to Frostgrinder

Frostgrinder – Find a way to escape Vanaheim

Ulik, Strongest of All? – Defeat Ulik!

Pod Breaker – Destroy ten Spore Pods

Pod Smasher – Destroy 20 Spore Pods

Trashvines – Destroy ten Leechweeds

Weedkiller – Destroy 25 Leechweeds

River Runner – Destroy 5 enemy skiffs

River Warrior – Destroy 15 enemy skiffs

River Master – Destroy the Skraeling Fleet

Explosive – Destroy 20 Vanir Energy Cells

High Explosive – Destroy 40 Vanir Energy Cells

Shellshocked – Destroy 4 Vanir Mortar Launchers

River King – Destroy 90 enemies via Hammer Throw while piloting the barge

Damn the Torpedoes! – Ram your barge into 10 river obstacles

Lore Master – Listen to the Vanir historical records

Vanaheim Gatherer – Find five collectibles on Vanaheim

Vanaheim Collector – Find ten collectibles on Vanaheim

Vanaheim Raider – Find fifteen collectibles on Vanaheim

Thor God of Thunder Game Guide
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