Thor God of Thunder Game Guide

Thor God of Thunder Game Guide: How to Get More Valor Points

In Thor: God of Thunder, the action video game developed by Liquid Entertainment, players are allowed to upgrade Thor’s abilities and skills.

The only way to do that is by spending Valor Points which can be acquired in the game.

Each ability and skill increases Thor’s attributes, such as his health pool or his damage. Some upgrades may even grant access to new and more powerful attacks.

Without Valor Points, players won’t be able to purchase Thor’s upgrades; therefore it is important to know how to get them while playing Thor: God of Thunder.

The guide below presents three methods that will eventually help players to get as many Valor Points as they can in the game.

It is also important to know that purchasing all upgrades, also known in the game as Valor Upgrades, will unlock The Mighty Thor achievement/trophy.

For the first upgrade purchased, players will unlock the Valorous trophy/upgrade.

Thor: God of Thunder can be played on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo 3DS.

It is a video game published by Sega and the first title in which Thor; Odin’s son appears as a standalone character.

How to get more Valor Points by completing the game’s feats

Probably the fastest way to increase the amount of Valor Points in Thor: God of Thunder is to complete the game’s feats.

These feats are sub-goals that can be completed in the zones explored by the main character.

For example: while fighting in Asgard, if the player kills 50 Jotun invaders, the Homeland Defense goal is accomplished and Thor gains Valor Points.

Some of these tasks can be completed faster than others but the amount of Valor Points awarded is smaller. Additionally, some feats can be completed only in fixed zones such as Asgard or Niflheim, while others can be accomplished anywhere in the game.

When the game starts, the feats lists are locked, but advancing in the game will unlock them. Completing all the game’s feats should grant enough Valor Points to purchase at least half of Thor’s upgrades.

To see the lists with all the feats in the game, players can open the game’s menu and access the Feats section.

How to get more Valor Points by opening Valor Runes

Another way to get more Valor Points is to open the runes that can be found in the game. Most of these runes are hidden, and finding them may become a real challenge, as well as opening them.

To identify the correct rune which gives Valor Points, players should look for a device with three discs. These discs form a triangle, but the player will be able to move only two of them (usually colored in red).

Each disc can be moved by pulling the right and the left thumbsticks of the controller.

When a rune is accessed, the controller will shake faster and faster, which means that the time is running out. The goal is to find the right position and speed for each disc. When the right position of a disc is found, the disc will change its color (from red to blue).

The player must hold the controller’s thumbsticks in the correct positions for few seconds, otherwise the third disc won’t move and no Valor Points will be awarded.

It is a good idea to work with both thumbsticks simultaneously, especially because if the time runs out, the rune will explode and disappear.

Trying to find the correct position for one disc, and then for other one, is time consuming. Another strategy that can be used is to step away from the rune, if the time is running out. This way the player can start all over again, without destroying the rune.

How to get more Valor Points by killing enemies

The third method to get Valor Points in Thor: God of Thunder is to kill Thor’s enemies. Players should keep in mind that Thor can control the powers of wind, lightning and thunder, using his hammer.

Each enemy from the game has a weak spot, including bosses. The power of thunder, for example is very effective to destroy armored enemies, while the power of wind can be used to knock back foes.

Against large enemies, Thor can use his finishing move when a yellow dot appears on the ground. To perform a finishing move, the player can press B (on Xbox 360), or circle (on PS3), and Thor will grapple his opponent.

As soon as the enemy is grappled, players should press Y (on Xbox 360), or triangle (on PS3) to execute a finishing attack which grants Valor Points.

Thor God of Thunder Game Guide
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