Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Collectibles Locations

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Polksville Collectibles Locations

After you have finished all objectives in Barksdale area included in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct video game, and you have opted to travel towards Lafferty instead of Archer Creek, you will eventually arrive in Polksville.

In TWD: Survival Instinct, Polksville can be accessed after Lafferty and it is a fast paced mission featuring only one hidden Walking Dead collectible, which is a Stuffed Squirrel.

The action in Polksville takes place during the night; therefore, you have to pay close attention to the environment if you wish to locate the hidden collectable.

The following TWD collectibles guide explains where to find the hidden Squirrel in Polksville, and includes a series of hints that will help you find it faster.

Polksville Description:

“Besselmeyer Freight District was once the Southeast U.S. busiest shipping hub. Since WGO, the military has been quietly routing supplies through there.”

Polksville Stuffed Squirrel Location

After you start the mission you will have to walk around a series of train carts. Make sure you pay close attention to their colors, as they will help you find the hidden stuffed squirrel. After you take several turns killing Walkers, you will eventually have to walk through a dark green train cart.

While facing the said train cart you should see several coffins. Jump inside the cart, and even if your compass points to the left (through a partially overturned train cart), you have to go right.

At the end of the cart you will see the only TWD: Survival Instinct collectible in Lafferty.

Pick up the item and continue to advance through the train station until your objective changes and you will be asked to gather as many supplies as you can, and escape the area.

It is important to remember that you can’t defeat all Walkers since they spawn continuously; therefore, get the gas first and then run towards the exit to leave Lafferty and travel to Archer Creek.

Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Collectibles Locations
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