Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Collectibles Locations

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Firesign Stadium Collectibles Locations

The location known as Firesign Stadium is the final area in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct video game and it includes only one TWD: Survival Instinct collectible.

Firesign Stadium is unlocked after Sherwood. The hidden collectable in Firesign Stadium is also the last Stuffed Squirrel in the video game, and those who manage to find it using the following guide, will unlock the corresponding achievement/trophy, assuming that they found all previous collectibles.

Players who complete the game for the first time, should know that in order to find all Walking Dead: Survival Instinct collectibles, they will have to play the video game again, and visit all marked locations that have been missed during the first playthrough.

The game guide below is also the final part in our full Walking Dead: Survival Instinct collectibles’ guide created for those who have purchased the video game and encountered difficulties in finding the hidden Posters and Squirrels.

Firesign Stadium Description:

“Staging site for the largest scale military evacuation operation. Firesign Stadium is heavily defended, thousands of refugees and joint military units.”

Firesign Stadium Stuffed Squirrel Location

The final Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Stuffed Squirrel can be missed if you don’t pay close attention to the environment.

To find it faster, focus on the game until you approach the stadium. When you start the mission, follow your compass as it will take you near the said stadium where you will receive a new objective.

You are asked to find the entrance; however, when you discover it, you will also hear a voice telling you that the evacuation begins in 5 minutes. The entrance is through a series of tunnels with multiple fences.

Make sure that before you enter the tunnels you locate a large white tent near the entrance but on the left side of the area. The tent is marked by a small sign above the entrance: HQ.

Enter slowly because a Walker will wait for you inside. After you deal with the undead look for the final TWD: Survival Instinct collectable in the right corner, opposed to the entrance.

Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Collectibles Locations
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