The Insta-PokéGo Bot Plays Pokémon Go for You

The Insta-PokéGo Bot Plays Pokémon Go for You

Insta-PokéGo is the latest and by far the most useful free Pokémon Go bot you will find online. Insta-PokéGo was launched Wednesday August 17, 2016 and automates the whole game for you.Well, more or less!

Insta-PokéGo was created by Steven Bartel along with a team of Dropbox engineers, and as of today, more than 4,000 players have tried the bot.

Basically the Insta-PokéGo bot plays the game in your place, allowing you to save time while hunting down Pokémons or trying to collect items from PokéStops.

“Most apps that help you cheat at Pokémon Go might show you where Pokémon are, or help you spoof your GPS location. Insta-PokéGo automates the entire game, catching rare Pokémon for you. It plays Pokémon Go straight from your browser, simplifying it down to one click”, Steven Bartel told Venture Beat.

So, if you wish to catch Pokémons while at work, start Insta-PokéGo from your browser and let it hunt them down for you.

If you need more Poké Balls, Potions, Revives, and Berries, Insta-PokéGo will also get them for you; however, the bot will not walk in your place, so don’t try to use it if you want to hatch eggs.

Moreover, in case your inventory fills while using Insta-PokéGo, the bot will recycle the items in your place, but it will never leave you with less items than what you started with.

Additionally, the bot will prioritize the Pokémons it hunts by accessing your Pokédex. First it will look for those that don’t appear in your Pokédex, followed by those that can be evolved in Pokémons that are not in your trainer’s Pokédex.

If none of the above are available, the bot will simply catch random Pokémons.

Before using Insta-PokéGo, however; there are two things you have to know. First, the bot can’t be used all the time, meaning that there is a queue, or a waiting line.

And second, since the bot is rather new, “Niantic hasn’t taken action yet, but they probably will soon, as they’ve just now started to take a stronger stance against botting” Bartel said.

Remember that Niantic updated the terms of service for Pokémon Go and they are aiming for players using bots.

If you wish to give Insta-PokéGo a try to see how it works we suggest using a new account, and if you are only looking to level up, try our Pokémon Go Lucky Egg XP Cheat.

The Insta-PokéGo Bot Plays Pokémon Go for You
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