The Funniest Things to do on Video Games as a Kid

For the millennials reading this article, it’s true to say you probably grew up in a golden age of video gaming. Old enough to own a PS1 and young enough to remember Sonic The Hedgehog on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, the folks of your generation were well and truly spoiled when it came to computer gaming. Whilst your parents may have urged you to get outside more, we say that spending those lazy summer days playing your favourite console games were probably the most productive use of your down time during your formative years.

Being the impish kids we all were however, mischief on our favourite games was never far away. Bending the rules and exploiting in-game glitches to do things you weren’t ‘supposed to do’ was what gaming was all about, and the end result would usually leave you in fits of laughter with your best mate, knocking over a bowl of Doritos and snorting luke warm Pepsi all over your mum’s brand new hand tufted rug in the process.

Today at, we reminisce about all the funny things we did on some of the greatest video games of our childhood.

Making a rollercoaster of death on Rollercoaster Tycoon

Despite being over 15 years old, Chris Sawyer’s Rollercoaster Tycoon has aged tremendously well being available on platforms now like Steam. The game spawned a whole series of popular Tycoon games thanks to its easy ‘career mode’ which would see players get upgraded with bigger and better parks should they progress through the levels. And whilst the game’s creators thought they’d closed the loop (pun intended) on any opportunities for in-game mischief, we’d all end up proving them wrong. Quite simply, building a rollercoaster with a track that remained incomplete would result in the coaster’s carriage flying off the track and crashing into a ball of flames. Taken out of context that last line sounds quite grim, but believe you’me it was the most fun you could have as a kid short of opening your own real-life theme park yourself.

Locking the butler in the Freezer on Tomb Raider 2

It’s been 20 years since Lara Croft first graced our TV screens with Eidos’ maiden release of Tomb Raider and since then, the archaeological warrior has gone on to be something of a video gaming icon.

Angelina Jolie et al have all been summoned to produce a number of Hollywood films and the commercial landscape of the franchise seems to know no bounds with a huge number of spin-off mobile games (including the rather addictive ‘Lara Croft: Relic Run’) being produced by mobile developers Simutronics, as well as a couple of slot games that can be played on Betway Casino.

But back in the game’s more pure days when the second installment of Tomb Raider was released, some eagle-eyed players quickly realised that Winston, Lara’s irritatingly clingy butler could be quickly ‘taken care’ of by being locked in the freezer. Whilst his ‘butlering’ skills might have been top notch, Winston clearly wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed as all it took was for the player to guide Lara into her freezer, wait for him to arrive and then quickly run out again. Among some of my other quite petty qualms with this otherwise brilliant game, a special mention should go to the game’s creators for missing the comic opportunity to make Lara literally say ‘chill Winston’ as she closed the freezer door behind her.

Trying to shoot the mouse on Theme Hospital

Whilst trying to attend to the growing number of giant-headed, puke-laden patients at your virtual hospital, the makers of Theme Hospital decided to add a bit of light relief in the form of an agile little mouse which would occasionally run across the hospital floor. If you spotted the little critter fast enough, you could hover your mouse over him, left click and shoot Stuart little dead and stop him right in his tracks. Narly!

Running away from the referee on International Superstar Soccer

People that said ‘you can’t run away from your problems’, clearly hadn’t played International Superstar Soccer on the N64. In this precursor to the Pro Evolution Soccer series, players could ‘go in hard’ and foul their opponents and suffer none of the consequences by simply running away by the referee about to give them a yellow/red card.

Shooting Valentin Zukovsky (Robbie Coltrane) again and again in Goldeneye

Poor Robbie Coltrane, after getting shot in the leg by a fresh-faced Pierce Brosnan in the James Bond film Golden Eye, the entire population of the nation’s mischievous kids then decided to come along and continue shoot him in the head, over and over again on the N64 game of the same name. Other delights in this memorable shoot-em-up included trapping your opponent in the toilet on the ‘Facility’ multiplayer level or blowing up everything in sight by using a copious amount of ‘explosive mines’.

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