The Free PlayStation Plus Games Which Will Be Available This August

With the upcoming release of Middle Earth: Shadow Of War for PS4 looming ahead of us, plenty of PlayStation fans are already eager to break out the consoles and get playing. Imagine their excitement when Sony went on to release a collection of free games for their PS Plus service. These games, while seemingly not quite worthy of a disk of their own and a full marketing campaign, are certainly proving to stand their own ground in terms of hype this summer.

Whether PlayStation have released these games as a marketing ploy, or simply to keep gamers hooked while awaiting the big upcoming releases, we’ve decided to take a look at just which PlayStation Plus games are being released this August for the grand old price of nothing:

Mafia III – PS4

Despite potential shortcomings in graphics and gameplay, Mafia III was a game loved by many regardless. The Civil War setting was enough to hook plenty of players after the initial release in 2016, so it’s no surprise that Sony are re-releasing the game for free.

Dead By Daylight – PS4

Violence, gore, bloodshed, murderers – these all seem to be fairly common themes nowadays so the fact that Sony have decided to release their 4-against-1 survival thriller for free is no surprise. Players who might’ve been apprehensive before can give it a try without any monetary value at risk!

Bound By Flame – PS3

While the sale of PS3 consoles dropped as low as 0.3million in 2017, it’s still a popular console so it’s only right that it has it’s free releases this month too. Bound By Flame was released back in 2014, but is still a favourite that sees the protagonist having been victim to possession by a flame demon and must now try and escape the Ice Lords.

Serious Same 3 BFE – PS3

Not crafted by Sony, this first-person shooter wouldn’t have been at the forefront of people’s expectations when it came to free releases. Regardless, Sony has indeed released this Croteam and Devolver Digital game as a free release this month and we couldn’t be more excited.

Draw Slasher – PS Vita

Dashing, dodging, diving, slashing and Pirate Monkey Zombies – what’s not to love? Draw Slasher is being released for free on PS Vita, ready to enjoy with its unique graphics and fun, quirky gameplay.

Space Hulk – PS Vita

If turn-based tactics are your thing, or you’re simply a fan of the table-based game, then you’ll be thrilled to know Space Hulk, one of PS Vita’s best-selling tactic games, is being released completely for free too.

Here They Lie – PS VR

Despite concerns over virtual reality not catching on in the world of gaming, Sony are releasing Here They Lie, a psychological thriller that leaves even the toughest of gamers with nightmares, via PlayStation Plus – now you can get sleepless nights for free!

Knowledge Is Power – Bonus Release

If you want a spot of family fun, the release of Knowledge Is Power will keep you smiling. This game/quiz show style of game is perfect for a spot of healthy competition, and is being released for free, too!

While the availability of free games is nothing new, Sony is certainly jumping on the bandwagon with full force this month. Offering free plays is certainly a commonplace practice in the gaming industry. Demos have been common, particularly on consoles – we all remember the demo disks on PlayStation 2! Streaming services offer free trials to give users a taste of what’s available. Whatever the industry, offering these free alternatives can pull in those with a lower budget or who may be skeptical of paying out a larger cost.

While free trials have unfortunately become synonymous with complicated cancellation policies and the necessity for payment details even without paying a penny, PlayStation Plus has made it simple and offered gamers something unique on their system. With the ability to pay a one-off cost of £39.99 for a year or £11.99 for three months, gamers can have access to these free titles and more with a simple tap of a button. The convenience alone is certainly worthy of attention, but we think that the new and existing releases are worth shouting about too.

So there you have it. Sony has treated us to a lot this August, and we’re definitely waiting eagerly on the edge of our seats to have a play at each one. Which are you looking forward to the most?

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