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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough – Act 3 – The World-Eater’s Eyrie

The World-Eater’s Eyrie is the fourth quest of the last act featured in Skyrim and the following Skyrim The World-Eater’s Eyrie walkthrough explains in depth how to complete this specific quest, in order to advance in the game.

World-Eater’s Eyrie is a main-quest which follows the events started in the first quest of the final Skyrim act, known as The Fallen.

During this quest, you must travel to various locations including Skuldafn, Skuldafn Temple, Whiterun and Dragonsreach.

The first objective of the quest called World-Eater’s Eyrie appears as soon as you start this quest.

Objective 1: Set Odahviing free

Odahviing is the dragon you trapped in Whiterun.

Travel to Whiterun and reach Odahviing’s location.

Tell the guard to release the trap and then approach the dragon. Talk to him and he will agree to take you to Sovngarde.

Make sure you wear your best equipment, and, when you are ready, talk to the dragon and fly over the eastern mountains.

Objective 2: Reach Alduin’s portal to Sovngarde

Odahviing will take you the eastern side of the Velothi Mountains and will leave you on a ledge.

Go through the first stone arcade, cross the bridge, and you may encounter a dragon. Don’t waste your time trying to kill him, as he will fly away.

Cross the second stone arcade and get ready to fight several Draugr. If you wish, you can sneak and enter the courtyard located to the south.

When you reach this point the dragon you saw earlier returns, and you have to kill him. Use the same strategies as you used to defeat all the dragons before this one. Bring him down by casting Dragonrend, and then use your favorite weapons or spells.

When he dies, absorb the Dragon’s Soul quickly and stay alert because another dragon attacks you. Deal with him and absorb his soul.

After you defeat the second dragon look around and you will see two towers (one to the north and one to the south).

Additionally, you will see the main entrance of a temple. It is your next destination; however, it is a good idea to explore the towers because there are useful items inside them, but they are well protected by Draugr.

Enter the temple and you will see a vas chamber and two tunnels. The one to the left features a series of traps, while the one to the right has a chest inside it.

Move forward and kill the Draugr in the next chamber, then follow the stairs up to the area.

Loot the items and dispatch the Draugr, then look around because in this chamber you have to solve a puzzle.

As you can see, you have reached a dead end because the chamber’s gates are blocked. To open the gates you need to find the solution of a puzzle.

The lever that raises the gates must be attached to a mechanism. Look at the pillars inside the upper chamber and you will notice that on them there are several carvings.

How to solve the first puzzle in the World-Eater’s Eyrie quest

Approach the pillar on the western side of the chamber and move it until the carving showing a whale faces the western side of the room.

Do the same with the pillar on the eastern side but make sure that you select the snake glyph and that the pillar faces the eastern side of the room.

At this point, the lever is attached to the mechanism but the puzzle is not over.

Approach the locked doors and look at the stone heads above them. You will notice that inside the heads there are two glyphs, showing a snake and an eagle.

Get near the pillar in the middle of the chamber and rotate it until the snake or the hawk glyph faces the lever. Now, pull the lever and one of the gates will open.

The gate to the right takes you to a dead end, but you will find a chest, while the gate to the left takes you to the next area you must reach.

Kill the Frostbite Spiders, climb the stairs and you will reach two iron doors that will grant access to another room where a seconday puzzle must be solved.

How to solve the second puzzle in the World-Eater’s Eyrie quest

To solve this puzzle faster, make sure you start on the ground floor. Go west and advance around the room and you will see a carved head featuring a Snake glyph in its mouth.

Turn back and look for the pillar that faces the doors you used to enter the room. Rotate the pillar until the snake faces the doors, and then move to the area above.

Look around until you see another carved head with a hawk in its mouth. Rotate the pillar until it faces north, and then turn around and look for the pedestal with a whale engraved on it.

Follow the same pattern and then pull the lever to complete the puzzle

Follow the corridor, and the steps up, then cross the bridge in the next room.

Kill the Draugr and then continue on the spiral steps but be very careful because there is a trap in front of you.

In the next chamber kill the Draugr, and then look for an adjacent chamber with a chest and a lever that allows you to open the next gate.

Continue through the next corridor and you will reach a door to the north, guarded by a powerful Draugr. Kill him and loot his corpse because he is holding the key needed to exit this area.

It is a Diamond Claw and you should investigate it because it holds the answer to the third puzzle that must be solved.

How to solve the Diamond Claw puzzle in the World-Eater’s Eyrie quest

Open your inventory and look at the Diamond Claw. The key to the puzzle are the symbols on it: wolf, moth, and dragon.

Approach the door and you will see three circles on it.

Make sure that the symbol on the outer circle is a wolf, the one on the middle circle a moth, and the one on the inner circle a dragon.

When the door opens, you will enter a vast crypt. Inside the crypt is a Word Wall that allows you to learn a new word of power, named Storm Call. Learn it and then exit the temple through the wooden doors that will take you to the temple’s roof.

Follow the stone steps and your objective will change.

Objective 3: Enter Sovngarde

In the next area, you have to defeat three powerful opponents: two dragons and a priest named Nahkriin.

A good strategy is to take down the dragons first, by using Dragonrend and the stairs and arches around you as cover for Nahkriin’s spells.

Do not worry if Nahkriin closes the portal to Sovngarde before you kill him, because he carries the staff that allows you to open it.

When both dragons are dead, focus your attacks on Nahkriin.

After you defeat him, don’t forget to absorb the souls of the dragons you have killed and loot Nahkriin’s body.

You will find the Dragon Priest Staff, a large amount of gold and Nahkriin’s Mask which is an important item for the Masks of the Dragon Priests side-quest.

NOTE: It is good to know that if you leave this area, you will not be able to get back; therefore make sure you picked up everything before advancing.

Follow the ceremonial stair and activate the Dragon Seal to open the portal to the Aetherius realm.

When you enter the portal, the fifth quest (Sovngarde) starts and this quest ends, as well our Skyrim The World-Eater’s Eyrie walkthrough.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough
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