The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough – Act 3 – Dragonslayer

Dragonslayer is the final Skyrim main-quest, (excepting the game’’s epilogue), a quest which starts while visiting the Hall of Valor during the fifth quest known as Sovngarde which was also covered in our full Skyrim walkthrough.

As a final quest, Dragonslayer must be completed in order to beat Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and the following walkthrough explains how to complete it faster, offering useful information to all Skyrim fans who have reached the Hall of Valor and are ready to face Alduin, the dragon.

Dragonslayer is a short quest, focused only on lowering Alduin’s defenses and engaging the dragon in a fight.

Defeating Alduin is the only way to finish the game; therefore players should get ready for this special battle, before starting this quest.

The first objective of this quest is received while talking to the ancient heroes in the Hall of Valor.

Objective 1: Help the heroes of Sovngarde dispel Alduin’s mist

When you are ready to face Alduin, leave the Hall of Heroes and cross the bridge outside.

Reach the edge of the Shadowed Vale and you will see the three heroes waiting for you.

You will also notice that you are surrounded by Alduin’s mist, which as we explained in the previous walkthrough, is in fact Alduin’s shield.

When you are ready to begin, approach the heroes and cast Clear Skies. All heroes will join you, but keep an eye on Alduin because he is aware that you are there to slay him.

He will use a special shout and you will be surrounded by fog.

Use the Clear Skies Shout again and continue until Alduin’s shield is broken.

The final Skyrim boss battle starts when the mist around you is dispelled.

Make sure you have your best weapons selected and the Dragonrend Shout prepared.

Objective 2: Defeat Alduin

Know that in order to kill Alduin you must bring him down.

While the mighty dragon flies around you, he is invulnerable to your attacks, no matter how powerful they are.

You should also know that you need only one Dragonrend during this fight; so as soon as Alduin is downed, switch to another shout (Fire Breath for example), and continue your attacks.

Stay near the heroes, otherwise, Alduin will focus his attacks on you and your hero may not survive.

Dodge Alduin’s fire-breath attacks and stay mobile all the time.

Try to coordinate your attacks with the heroes that joined you, and remember to use the most powerful weapons you have.

Alduin is not the first dragon you have faced, and you don’t have to use a special strategy, but what makes him so different is the power of his attacks.

As long as you remember to bring him down, before attacking him with any weapon, Alduin can’t survive.

After you defeat Alduin, using the final striking blow, watch how his soul dissolves, and get ready to start the Skyrim Epilogue, the next quest revealed in our complete Skyrim walkthrough.

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