The Best Professional Gaming Accessories

Professional gaming requires perfect utilization of skills. You are supposed to either manipulate the game itself or other players for you to emerge victorious. Average players equip their gaming rooms with only basic equipment such as a computer, a keyboard, and a mouse.  However, this is never be the case with professional gamers; one needs to check on their health and comfort. To take care of your physique, ensure that you have a Furmax gaming chair to sit through long gaming hours with no health repercussions.

Nevertheless, you need to have a reality check on one thing. Mastering the gaming skills is not the only channel required for one win; you need a set of equipment that helps in effective play. The type of gaming accessories determines how high or low you get ranked in the gaming industry. Most of these accessories are futuristic. Despite this, you don’t have to purchase old ones since quality is vital when it comes to professional gaming. However, there is a need to know that not all equipment are crucial; thus the more reason to concentrate on the major ones as discussed herein.

  1. Thrustmaster T300 RS steering wheel

For the gamers whose interest falls in the racing wheel category, here is a wheel to give you the perfect experience you have wished to own. This is not necessary for armatures since it works the same way as an arcade stick. However, if racing game means life and death to you, let this be your first accessory on the bucket list. There are many projects started for professional gamers such as Gran Turismo. Thrustmaster T300RS is worth every single penny if your aim is getting to such leagues.

The most significant feature in this steering wheel is the power to provide force feedback. This allows the motors to work against your hands as you circumnavigate round corners, just like a real car. The racing wheel is equipped with a belt- driven system to give you a perfect experience of a racing wheel, but in a cheaper version! Since racing wheel requires long hours of gaming, it is designed with sturdy and solid parts to ensure that it can stand the weight and duration. Fortunately, it works perfectly in both PS3 and PS4. The wheel goes for about $119.95 at Amazon.

  1. PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset

Is your gaming room sound-proof? Does outside noise interrupt your performance? Here is a chance to bid goodbye to all the noises that interrupt your sessions. Sony Wireless Headset ensures effective cleaning of sound to give you a balanced pitch. The headsets have a mic thus easing communications between the members of a team. This is a perfect quality that not only takes care of your ears (ultra-plushy headphones) but also takes value for your money. You can get this pair starting from $127 US dollars.


  1. Samsung M9T 2TB hard drive

There is something universal about professional gamers; they like playing multiple games to explore the fun in their career. For this reason, you will find people installing many games on their consoles. The worst experience as a gamer is when you have to choose the game to uninstall for you to install a new one. If you ever find yourself jumbling about the 500GB space, it’s time for you to get a new M9T 2TB hard drive.  With basic computer skills, you can easily install the drive in your computer. With $125 US dollars, you can get this drive from many outlets.


  1. PSVR Aim Controller

If your area of specialty is first-person shooter game in PSVR, then the best equipment to enhance your sessions is PSVR aim controller. The controller combines the move controller with the Dualshock to ensure that one experiences reality in virtual games while shooting down enemies. You can get the controller in the markets either as a single package or one equipped with a game. The accessory is quite expensive as it goes from $211 US dollars on Amazon.



When it comes to professional gaming, you are not only required to have the necessary skills but also the right equipment to have the job done. The above accessories give you a better experience in the process of polishing the gaming skills.



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