The 5 Best Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go has been out for three years, and there are 490 different Pokemon species to catch by this point! Niantic’s mobile game phenomenon is so different from the main series games, it can be tough for new players to figure out where to prioritize their resources even if they’ve been playing Pokemon games since the 90s. In this article, I’m covering what I consider the safest investments for your limited resources. All five of these Pokemon will serve you well even deep into the endgame.

(Note: this list only contains one legendary, because legendaries are expensive as hell to power up. This list is designed for beginning trainers trying to figure out where to efficiently spend their early resources.)


When first starting out, Eevee is the best Pokemon species to stockpile. You can evolve them into a whole smorgasbord of different useful evolutions. They’re very common, they’re cheap to evolve, and they help bridge the gap between the beginner players and the veterans. Espeon and Glaceon are probably the first evolved forms to unlock, but you can’t go wrong with one of every type. Don’t forget the name tricks you can use to ensure you get the evolved form you’re hoping for!


However, you can’t evolve Eevee into a Fighting-type, and so you’re gonna want some of these bad boys as well. In my opinion, Machamp has it all. Best Fighting moveset in the game, which is one of the most versatile types in the game. Cheap and easy to find candies, frequently available in raids, even comes with a great coverage second move (Rock Slide, which I regularly use to one-shot Flying types some jerk left in a gym I’m soloing).

Gen 5’s Conkeldurr is the one thing to look out for, whenever Niantic adds him. But if it doesn’t get a Rock Slide-level coverage move, I’ll probably still prefer Machamp.


Beldum candy won’t be as easy to find as Machop, but the Metagross you get for your efforts will easily be just as worth it. Metagross (with his Community Day move Meteor Mash which you can get in December) is the best generalist in the game, boasting tanky stats and excellent coverage for a one-trick pony. In almost any situation you don’t want to use Machamp, Metagross will do the trick. GamePress has an entire article about how meta-breaking Meteor Mash Metagross was when it came out. Just remember not to evolve it until December!


Completing the spectrum of ease, Mewtwo will be the hardest Pokemon for you to obtain on this list. Not only has he been out of raids for months, he requires Rare Candies to power up and is best used with his legacy move Shadow Ball. Luckily, I don’t even a Shadow Ball Mewtwo and can confirm that I get plenty of use out of an Ice Beam/Thunderbolt moveset. Much like Metagross, Mewtwo’s main job is to complement Machamp and defeat whatever opponents give my punchyboi a hard time.

But for reals, I can’t overstate his insane Attack Stat. He’s one of the top Electric, Fire, Ghost, Ice, or Psychic Pokemon depending on which Charge move he has. While there are alternatives in any of those categories, the fact that a powered-up Mewtwo can pinch hit for any of those rosters is what makes having one so great.


The only thing these other Pokemon can’t do is adequately defend gyms. (Except Metagross, I guess.) For that, you’ll need to look into Blisseys, the best Gym Defender in the game by a sizeable margin due to her insane Stamina stat (second place is Chansey, her pre-evolution!) With her Psychic/Fairy moveset, she’s a natural counter to Machamp who would normally eat her Normal typing for breakfast. Plus she’s the only Pokemon in the game still tanky enough to dissuade enemy trainers from flipping your gym immediately.

Did I miss your favorite Pokemon? Is there somebody who shines in a situation I forgot to cover (like Altaria, the king of Great League PvP)? Let us know in the comment section!

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