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6 Games to Help You Survive the Wait for Star Trek: Discovery

6 Games to Help You Survive the Wait for Star Trek: Discovery

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably losing your mind over the new Star Trek: Discovery trailer, released last Wednesday. It’s been almost sixteen years since Trekkies have had a new show to look forward to – alright, twelve if we count Enterprise, but come on, no one counts Enterprise – and the few months between now and Fall 2017 may feel like lightyears to those who are as excited as I am. The good news? With years in the geek zeitgeist, there are plenty of great Star Trek games – and Star Trek inspired games – to help you pass the time, and to help bring that “final frontier” a little closer to home.

1. Star Trek Online

For those of us hungering for the expansive, intertwining storylines only MMOs can provide, Star Trek: Online is in its seventh year and still going strong. Originally designed for PC, STO released on PS4 and Xbox in September of last year, and features all of the starship battles, lore callbacks, and episodic storylines a Trekkie could want. Fans love it. There are three major factions: one can start their journey as a lowly Federation cadet in Miranda-class clunker; as a Klingon warrior battling their way up the ranks; or as a Romulan colonist who joins with the Romulan Republic. Set in the 25th century, the events of STO take place after Star Trek: Nemesis, which makes it the only Star Trek series currently progressing the in-canon timeline. While new Trek franchises like Discovery, the Abrams reboots, and (sigh) Enterprise are set in a pre-TOS universe, STO is doing the hard work of continuing the joint legacies of DS9 and Voyager, much to the delight of many a lore-starved Trek geek.

(Sidenote: can you believe Star Trek: Nemesis is still considered canon? I know. Me neither.)

2. Star Trek Timelines

If MMOs aren’t your thing, Star Trek Timelines may be a good way to while away the hours until Discovery premiers. Sure, the ship battles are smaller, and the customization options fewer, but Timelines offers a strangely satisfying rescue-and-collectathon, where players are challenged to save their favorite characters from the series who are affected by a temporal crisis. Past, present, future and mirror versions of Star Trek characters are available to be assembled into a dream crew – it’s an ever-changing, ever-updating fantasy football equivalent for grade-A nerds like myself. It’s available on iPhone and Android, which not only makes the quality of the content that much more impressive, but also allows you to get your Trek fix on the clock… without pissing off your boss. Plus, it features a full voice performance from none other than John De Lancie, the magnanimous Q. It’s a small, simple game, but it’s very addictive.

3. Elite: Dangerous

Official Trek games aren’t the only ones to have successfully cultivated the long sought-after experience of being a Starfleet captain. Elite: Dangerous may not have the Star Trek brand name, but it has the – shall we say “enterprising” – Star Trek spirit. Elite: Dangerous sets players in a customizable ship in a 1:1 scale open world version of the galaxy, and invites them to point themselves in any direction and see what’s out there. Players can choose how they’d like to interface with the new galaxy they find themselves in. Are you a Kirk-esque explorer, seeking out new worlds and experiences? Are you a Janeway-esque fighter, ready to duke it out over goods, people, and territory, and progress their status and rank? Are you a Picard or Sisko-esque diplomat, looking to get involved and choose sides in the complex politics of an alien universe? Or are you a simple space trucker, only looking to eke out a bucolic existence hauling cargo? Whatever you choose, Elite: Dangerous offers a myriad of new and exciting ways to play and explore, and plenty of ways to customize your ship, your crew, and your experience.

4. Star Trek: Bridge Commander

In the fifty some odd official Star Trek games ever made, it’s no surprise that some of them… well… suck. Trek fans have had their fair share of truly, heinously bad video games. Luckily, Star Trek: Bridge Commander is not one of them. Made in 2002, Bridge Commander has aged surprisingly well, due in no small part to a robust modding community. (The human models, of course, look worse than old cottage cheese, but the ships still look great, and the voice work is good enough to help you ignore the uncanny faces and horrible lipflap.) While STO features more on-the-ground fighting, Bridge Commander is – as its name implies – all about the technicalities of commanding the bridge of a starship. If you’re looking for an in-depth simulation of what it’s like to be a starship captain, Bridge Commander still promises the most faithful reproduction available… at least until First Contact in 2063.

5. Star Trek: Elite Force 1 & 2

Alright, alright… I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Elite Force. As I’ve mentioned,Star Trek games are a bit of a mixed bag; the few good ones deserve to be heaped with praise. Elite Force, released in 2000, and Elite Force II, released in 2003, are first person shooters that place you in the center of some of your favorite Star Trek crews, ships, and episodes. In the first game, you act as an Ensign aboard the USS Voyager, surrounded by the same crew from the show (all with full voice performances from their original onscreen actors).

In the second, your character is transferred to the Enterprise-E in the events following the end of Voyager and Star Trek: Nemesis. Although the gameplay certainly leaves something to be desired – this is an early 2000s FPS, and it plays like one – it’s hard to undersell the joy of being ordered around by Janeway, chastised by Tuvok, or praised by Picard in real time.

6. Mass Effect

In many ways, my love affair with Star Trek began with Mass Effect. ME’s huge, space-based open world rife with conflict and complex alien societies was once accused of being “too much like Star Trek” – some in the industry even speculate that at one point in its development, ME may have been a Star Trek game. (A theory that’s hard to discount when you compare the similarities between the Cardassians and the Turians, or the Asari and the Betazoids, for example.) In many ways, ME is the Star Trek game fans always wanted. One reviewer called Mass Effect: Andromeda “the best Star Trek movie in years.” But is any of that a bad thing? I’d argue no; Mass Effect is exactly the universe-spanning, high-octane action, narrative-heavy game you’d expect from developers who are in love with everything Star Trek stands for, and depending on the tack you take – both as Shepard and, later, as Rider – you have the ability to create the same optimistic future for humanity, even in the face of great hardship. It’s hard to say anything about Mass Effect that hasn’t been said already, but as a Star Trek fan, I found my home there. If Discovery waiting has you blue, I can’t recommend this game franchise highly enough.

Star Trek Helios 1 Research Data Locations

Star Trek Helios 1 is the first chapter in the video game developed by Digital Extremes for Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3.

As all chapters of the videogame, Star Trek Helios-1 includes a series of collectibles, also known as Star Trek Research Data.

While playing Star Trek Chapter 1, players can complete two sets by finding a series of Audio Logs and other important items related to the game’s plot and to the first location Kirk and Spock have to investigate.

The following Star Trek video game guide reveals their exact locations through a series of hints, and a video guide created with the purpose of helping players who wish to find them faster in order to unlock all corresponding achievements and trophies.

Helios-1 Research Data

Helios Station – Vulcan Hyprospray

The first Star Trek The Video Game collectible that can be found is inside the room where Kirk and Spock have to hack the first door.

After a small cutscene showing a Vulcan scientist chocking and asking  you to open the door, use the button on the right side of the door to enter the room. Approach the Vulcan scientist and while facing him, turn left, to notice a desk.

On the right side of the desk is the first Star Trek Research Data which belongs to the Helios Station Set. Once you retrieve it, remain in the same room.

Helios Station – T’Mar’s Audio Log #1

After you pick up the previous collectible, you can find the first Star Trek Audio Log on Helios Station.  It is in the same room where you have found the Vulcan Hyprospray. To locate it faster, check the console you have to hack, and while facing it, turn right and look down.

In the corner of the room, on the ground is the second Star Trek collectible in Chapter 1.

Helios Station – Helios Engineering Schematic

When you reach the Command Centre on Helios Station, a new cutscene starts showing a Vulcan engineer, telling you that he won’t leave his team behind.

Make sure that after the cutscene you scan the large hologram in the middle of the room, to get the second Helios-1 collectable.

Helios Station – Surok’s Audio Log #1

Once you leave the Command Center using the Turbolift you will reach a new corridor. To your left you should see a crate and on it the second Star Trek Chapter 1 Audio Log.

Pick it up but remain on the same corridor.

Helios Station – Tribble 1/7

Immediately after you have found Surok’s Audio Log, check the door in front of you, instead of the one marked on your HUD. Even if you can’t get through that door, behind it, you will find another collectible which belongs to a new set.

It is on the left side of the room behind the blocked door, on a pyramid and you can scan it from distance.

Helios Station – Helios Control Cluster

Later in the chapter, after you complete the Space Station’s Core you will eventually encounter T’Mar. After the cutscene, once you gain control over your character, turn right and scan the console near you.

It is located in the starting area of the final part in the chapter. Make sure you don’t follow T’Mar because you will trigger the final cutscene.

Helios Station – T’Mar’s Audio Log #2

Several steps away from the console containing the previous research data, you should see a crate. If you activate the scanner and approach the object, you will notice another cellphone containing the last collectible in the chapter and the third Audio Log on Helios.

This specific log also belongs to T’Mar. Once you return to Enterprise, you will have to leave to another location and start the second Chapter: New Vulcan.

Star Trek New Vulcan Research Data Locations

Star Trek The Video Game Chapter 2 starts as soon as Kirk, Spock and T’Mar beam down to the planet known as New Vulcan.

Star Trek New Vulcan follows the events of the previous chapter in the video game released on April 23, 2013, but unlike Chapter 1, it is longer, and it includes more Star Trek Research Data Items.

Most of them can be acquired to complete the Research Data Sets belonging to this specific chapter; however, some of the hidden research items belong to the general sets that can be unlocked in the videogame.

The following guide reveals the locations of all Star Trek Chapter 2 Research Data items, through a series of hints and tips pointing to all collectibles, as well as a video guide, which shows how to get them.

Players and fans of the video game, should know that Chapter 2 is divided in two parts. The first part presents the events that take place on New Vulcan, while in the second part players will assume control over Enterprise in a fast paced space battle.

It is important to remember that the following Star Trek Chapter 2 Research Data items can be found while exploring New Vulcan, because in the second part of the second chapter, players won’t be able to find any collectables.

Additionally, players should locate the hidden Research Data in the same order as the one provided by the guide.

New Vulcan Research Data

Vulcan Planet – Vulcan Cactus Cluster

As soon as you are teleported on the planet, once you assume control over Spock/Kirk, turn left and scan a cactus.

It is the first Star Trek Chapter 2 Research Data you can find in the second mission. Remain in the area to find the next collectible.

Vulcan Planet – Vulcan Desert Grass

Next to the Vulcan Cactus Cluster you have scanned earlier, you should see some grass. Scan it to get the second Star Trek New Vulcan collectible, and then continue to follow T’Mar.

Vulcan Planet – Vulcan Avian Scavenger

When you reach the entrance to the Vulcan Laboratories, stop and look up. Above the entrance you should see at least one vulture, resting on the roof.

Make sure you scan it to get the third Research Data in Chapter 2, which allows you to complete the Flora and Fauna Set. Now enter the laboratories following T’Mar.

Vulcan Unfinished Tower – Vulcan Corpse

After you enter the Vulcan Laboratories, your team will separate. T’Mar remains behind, while Kirk and Spock continue to investigate the area.

After you activate the bridge, cross it, and you will have to go through another door. Behind it is a corpse on the ground. Scan it to retrieve the data and continue to move forward with your scanner activated.

Vulcan Unfinished Tower – Unknown Structural Damage

Once you collected the previous data research, move slowly and pay attention to the right wall, where you should see two corpses near a door. The one standing with its back against the wall has a hole above its head that must be scanned.

After you retrieve the data continue to move slowly paying attention to the left side of the same corridor.

Vulcan Unfinished Tower – Unknown Blood Sample

In the same area where you have found the Unknown Structural Damage, look to the left and you can see a crate. Behind it, on the floor is a blood sample that should also be scanned.

Now, move towards the next door and you will eventually be attacked by an Infected Vulcan.

Vulcan Unfinished Tower – Infected Vulcan

Immediately after you defeat the Infected Vulcan, scan the corpse to get the associated collectible, which is the first Star Trek Research Data needed to complete the Federation Enemies Set.

Upper Labs – Infected Vulcan

As you enter the Upper Labs, behind the first door you encounter two Infected Vulcans. Stun both of them, and scan one of the bodies.

Next, advance down the corridor and jump through the window on the right side. In the next room you should stop.

Upper Labs – Helios Device (3 of 3)

The next collectible can be found in the room you access through the broken window. On the other side of the said room, if you start your scanner you should see a part of the Helios Device, behind another window.

Scan it then proceed through the door to your right while facing the collectible, to enter Surok’s Lab.

Surok’s Lab – Helios Device (1 of 3)

Inside Surok’s Lab, stop and look around, to notice a large device in the middle of the room. Move left, around the device but towards your objective.

To your right, near the device is a console you should scan for the first Helios Device research data. Next, approach Surok and talk to him.

Surok’s Lab – Helios Device (2 of 3)

After the short discussion with Surok, investigate his location and scan the console near you, to get the final Helios Device part and complete the set. Continue to follow Surok who will take you to the next door.

Go through it and stop inside the next corridor.

Surok’s Lab – T’Mar’s Audio Log #3

The door from Surok’s Lab takes you to a corridor and to your left you should see a desk. Start your scanner and verify the area between the said desk and the right wall to find the next hidden Star Trek Research Data Item.

Surok’s Lab – Surok’s Audio Log #2

After you use the Power Cell to open a new door, move down the corridor and you will see another Infected Vulcan inside a room to the right.

Take out the Vulcan then check the left side of the room inside he was standing. Look for a door which allows you to enter another chamber after you hack it. Inside you should see some crates to your right and on them Surok’s Audio Log #2.

Retrace your steps and follow your objective marker until you reach some stairs.

Surok’s Lab – Vulcan Pulse Cannon

As you descend the stairs mentioned above, you will enter another room where you encounter your first armed opponent. Take him out but don’t forget to scan his weapon because the data is required to complete another general set of items.

Continue to advance until you reach the Helios Lab.

Helios Lab – Surok’s Audio Log #3

When you enter the Helios Lab (located behind the station where you learn how to refill your ammo), you should see that your path is blocked by a fire. While facing the fire, turn left and next to a desk is Surok’s Audio Log #3.

Pick it up and use the access hatch to enter a tunnel.

Helios Lab – Gorn Brute

The next Star Trek collectible can be found after you defeat the Gorn Brute. The Research Data can be collected by scanning the corpse of your defeated enemy.  

Helios Lab – T’Mar’s Audio Log #4

The fight against the Gorn Brute opens another door you have to follow. Make sure that you search the desk on the left side of the next corridor to retrieve T’Mar’s Audio Log #4.

Helios Lab – Gorn Ravager, Gorn Initiate

After you enter the room where the Helios device is located, you will have to fight even more Gorn enemies. First clear the area, and then approach their corpses and scan one of their bodies and one of their weapons.

Proceed through the next turbolift which takes you to another hidden Data Research Item.

Helios Lab – Stun Grenade

Once you exit the turbolift you will see a corpse in front of you and next to it several grenades (notice the tutorial screen that appears).

Scan a grenade to retrieve the data, then pick them up and continue to follow the objective marker.

Lower Labs – Unknown Breaching Tool

In the next area you can see two scientists fighting the Gorn Initiates. Run towards the end of the corridor in front of you, and look behind the large crate on the right side to find an item similar to a cocoon.

Scan it then retrace your steps and help the scientists defeat their enemies.

Lower Labs – Unknown Assault Equipment

After you defeat the first group of Gorn Enemies, continue through the next door which leads to another chamber (notice the green Alert Sign on the wall in front of your). Kill the enemies you encounter, and then search the right side of the chamber to find the Unknown Assault Equipment they have used.

Now move forward and you will encounter the third group of enemies.

Lower Labs – T’Mar’s Audio Log #5

On the corridor where you defeat the Grons hiding behind the walls, you should see a door on the right side. Open it and on the table in front of you is T’Mar’s Audio Log #5.

Now retrace your steps back to the corridor with the blocked door.

Lower Labs – Unknown Hacking Tool

When you reach the door that must be opened by both characters; turn left and locate the ammo station. Next to it, on the wall is an alien structure attached to the wall. Scan it to retrieve the data.

Open the blocked door and you will reach a large chamber with electrified water.

Power Room – Surok’s Audio Log #4

In the area where you have to cross the electrified water, you must solve a puzzle. First use your scanner to raise the platforms, then jump on them, but make sure you stay on the left side of the main generator.

Jump from one platform to another to stay above the water. On the left side of the Power Room is a hidden chamber and inside is another audio log belonging to Surok. It is located near the chair, on the ground. Pick it up, then cross the room and deactivate the energy to help your partner.

Power Room – T’Mar’s Audio Log #6

After you escape the previous chamber you will enter a corridor and you have to unlock the next door, using a power cell. Jump on the crate in front of you and ask your partner to boost you up, to reach the tunnel in the ceiling.

The tunnel leads to a room where you can find the power cell as well as T’Mar’s Audio Log #6.  Take the collectible then use the power cell to exit the Power Room area.

Medbay –  Surok’s Audio Log #5

The next Star Trek Research Item can be found later in the second chapter, after you reach the Medbay helped by your partner. Once you are able to walk, while standing near the bed, facing the exit door, turn right and look for another bed behind some consoles.

On it is the final Star Trek Audio Log in Chapter 2.

Great Hall – T’Par Memorial, Sh’Tok Memorial

The final  Star Trek Research Data Items are close to each other and both of them are in the Great Hall. When you fight your way out, immediately when you exit the corridor from the Medbay, you should see a large structure similar to an obelisk. While standing in front of it, you can see that the said obelisk has a smaller and round structure in the middle.

Scan it, then go downstairs and near the same obelisk is another small structure that must be scanned. It is Sh’Tok’s Memorial and the final Star Trek New Vulcan Research Item.

After you get all collectables in the chapter, you have to escape the planet in order to start the second part of the chapter which allows you to unlock Star Trek 2013 Chapter 3.

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