Metro Last Light

Metro Last Light Torchlight Diary Pages Locations

Metro Last Light Chapter 7, or Torchlight, starts right after Artyom rescues Pavel in the Facility.

Because Artyom rescued Pavel, he promises to get Artyom as close as possible to his objective, the Polis.

But first they need to reach the Theater, and the only available path is through the catacombs.

Given the fact that Torchlight is slightly longer than the previous chapters and it also lacks a good lighting, players should use the collectables guide below to find Artyom’s hidden diary pages in the first playthrough.

Chapter 7 Description


“I dragged Pavel out of the noose, and he says he’s going to take me as close to Polis as possible. Then I’ll contact the Order and report on everything that has happened.

The path to the legendary Theater lies through the catacombs. I’ve never been here before, and without my new friend I’d probably be completely lost. I hope he knows the way.”

Diary Page #1

Follow Pavel until you find an elevator. When the elevator stops, you reach another tunnel. In this tunnel you eventually find a train car that is blocking the path. Pavel gives you a boost to climb the car, and after you help him you are attacked by a spider.

Once you get back on your feet, look down, on your right side, to find the first Metro Last Light Torchlight Diary Page (the eighth Note).

“The tunnels and stations of the Metro are but a part of the subterranean construction projects carried out in the long ages of Moscow’s history. The Dukes would build secret passages and hideouts, the tsars would construct catacombs and reliquaries – and even then, centuries ago they would routinely stumble upon even older passages created in times immemorial, and perhaps even not by humans…

Nobody really knows what’s there around the Metro stations, above them or below them. There are no maps, for the cartographers never come back from their expeditions… And those strange, nightmarish creatures inhabiting the catacombs – were they really born of radiation?

Could they have always lived there?

Perhaps they would just avoid men before, but now, feeling that our end is near, that we’re no longer the masters of the Earth, they got braver and now approach us closer and closer to finally jump us and feed on use while we’re still warm?”

Diary Page #2

Next, stick closely to Pavel until you reach a door with an electric lock. Pavel tells you to find the fusebox, so follow the waypoint to find a locked door that leads to a room with a red light (where the fusebox is).

From this point, head right, and then around the corner to your left to discover an alcove (this is exactly around the corner, if you head further in the room you eventually reach the area behind the locked door and the fusebox).

Next to a dead body in the alcove is the second Metro Last Light Diary Page in Torchlight.

“Pavel was captured in the vicinity of the Gardens, just like me. I wonder, what could he have been doing out there? What the hell were all of them doing out there? I think I’ll hit him with that question – later.

Right now we just need to stay alive and break out of the Reich borders.”

After you disable the electric lock, you only need to get through the door to start the next chapter named Echoes.

Metro Last Light Depot Diary Pages Locations

Metro Last Light Depot,Chapter 25 in the videogame, it’s unlocked as soon as Artyom manages to get across the Bridge.

In the Depot level Artyom is hunted by many soldiers, but he also learns some useful information from one of them with the help of his new friend, the little Dark One.

The next Metro Last Light collectables guide reveals the location of the Diary Page that can be found in Chapter 25, and the video above also shows how to get it.

Chapter 25 Description


“We are coming to Polis. Together. Come what may. The Little One did not want to leave. Something is holding him… I don’t know yet get what.

Nevertheless, I’m glad it is, because he is helpful.”

Diary Page

Follow the rail track to get inside the train station.

Talk to the men and then head further inside the station. Once you climb on the catwalk the enemies will get in the station. Go past the first squad, preferably undetected, and after you open a door head upstairs to meet with the Dark One, who brings you some new filters for the gas mask.

If you pay attention you can see the Note collectible behind the bars, right next to him. After you open the door, get inside the bathrooms to your left. In the left corner, near the sinks, is a small opening in the wall and it leads to the area with the Metro Last Light Depot Diary Page.

“I don’t know what will I tell Miller, who ordered him killed. I don’t know what the Dark One will think when I introduce Miller to him…

What does he think of us all in general? When I think what he had to go through in the course of the last few days… They were going to kill him as a mutant, and his only salvation was human greed.

Then they were going to turn him into a guard dog, watching over the prisoners and making the green recruits charge into the enemy’s bayonet lines… But he escaped that fate only to be put into a freak show, and then shipped away as property from the station where some people decided to conduct a sinister experiment on the other… God…

What if he really is and angel?”

Continue to slip past the enemies until you find Lesnitsky. The Dark One helps you to get inside his mind, and once you decide his fate, get out of the depot to access The Dead City.

Metro Last Light Echoes Diary Pages Locations

Metro Last Light Echoes (the eighth chapter in the video game) begins when Artyom and Pavel reach the surface after they crossed the catacombs in Torchlight.

There’s only one obstacle between Artyom and the Theater, the surface, and that’s a very dangerous place for any human being.

Even if the mission features surface sequences, the hidden Diary Pages collectables can be found indoors, so those who follow the next Metro Last Light collectibles guide shouldn’t have any problem in finding them.

Chapter 8 Description


“We’re almost at the Theater now. The Metro entrance should be pretty close. But however small the distance is, we’ll have to cover it on the surface.

And there, every step you take could well be your last.”

Diary Page #1

When the chapter begins, check the bar on your left. The first Metro Last Light Echoes Diary Page is sitting right there, next to a supplies box.

This is the tenth Asrtyom’s hidden diary page in the videogame, so if you grabbed all the previous ones you unlock the First Draft achievement/trophy.

“Since the day we ended up in the Metro, I have gone up to the surface only a few times. The background radiation is too high here, so frequent ventures out translate into grave illnesses to those brave enough to attempt them.

One has to stay constantly alert on the surface. The pollution tends to be uneven; there are hotspots which could dole out a lethal dose of radiation in a matter of minutes, while some places could actually be habitable if not for the monsters and unbearable gloominess. The eye can’t discern between a safe place and a hotspot; you have to use a Geiger counter. You can’t go out to the surface without a gas mask, either.

We used to own the Earth. Today, although I still remember that summer day in the Gardens with my mom, I almost can’t believe it actually happened. I can’t believe I used to live in one of those tall houses and could look up at the sky every day.

It’s as if Metro was always my home… But I still miss that world we lost.”

Diary Page #2

Next, you need to cross the surface with Pavel until you reach a downed plane that you access via the emergency hatch. Walk slowly inside the plane until you have a vision on how the plane crashed.

After that, go to Pavel and look down to you left, right next to him, to find the second Metro Last Light Diary Page in Echoes.

“The Red Line is one of the biggest and strongest states in the Metro, occupying almost a whole line. But for as long as I can remember, the Reds always used to preach that their goal was the installation of communism throughout the whole of the Metro, the restoration of a destroyed state that used to be based on the ideals of equality and justice.

The problem is, the independent stations keep their distance from the Red Line as best as they can, which means they can’t restore the Red State without strife. Yes, the Reds are no angels, but what the Nazis are doing is regular horror.

And I am happy to have an ally like Pavel. Even if he’s Red.”

Head outside the plane and follow the path to find the entrance to the theater station in order to trigger the Bolshoi chapter.

Metro Last Light The Dead City Diary Pages Locations

Metro Last Light The Dead City is the chapter which begins when Artyom, helped by the Dark One, escapes the train Depot.

In The Dead City, Artyom has to cross the city in order to reach the Red Square and find Pavel.

Throughout the city, Artyom can experience seven visions of things long gone. If players follow the compass in Chapter 26 they can easily miss some of the Metro Last Light collectibles available in the level.

The next collectables’ guide, combined with the video walkthrough, reveals the exact locations of these items.

Chapter 26 Description


“He who sows the wind, shall reap the storm. The dark One opened up Lesnitsky’s thoughts to me. I know all their plans.

I know Pavel is going to be at the Red Square, and that’s where I have to face him – before going to Polis. A Peace Conference is being held there. Laughable. The war has already started, it won’t stop while there’s a person alive in Metro.

All trying to stop it could just as well try and stop a tornado with their bare hands. But I still have to try – I have to reach Polis to denounce the liars. And face the storm.”

Diary Page #1

The first Metro Last Light Diary Page in The Dead City can be acquired almost in the beginning of the chapter, when you have to enter the building to your left (after the Dark One gives you a fresh filter).

Use the stairs, while following the compass, and after you open the door you should see a table with a red tablecloth.

Behind the table you can find the Note collectible on a small drawer.

“Once again we’re going through the surface. Hello again, Moscow. A crypt city. A fallen hero city. A city bereft of its soul. It’s not my home city anymore.

My home city is in the past. But it is the home city of the little Dark One… How strange.”

Diary Page #2

After you exit the building you have your first vision and then you have to drop down in the sewers.

As you enter, you may hear a baby cry and a piano afterwards. At this moment you need to take the path on your right and exit the sewers via the hole in the street.

Turn around and you should see an entrance to the building on your left. Head inside and go upstairs to find a piano that will trigger the second vision.

When the vision is done play the last Metro Last Light Musical Instrument to unlock the Musical achievement/trophy.

Note that all musical instruments must be found in a single playthrough, otherwise the achievement/trophy will remain locked. Continue playing until the Dark One says to use the ladder to reach the top of the building.

At the top of the building there’s a Demon guarding her nest.

Pay attention for when she leaves the nest (or shoot her a little bit), and then quickly grab the second Metro Last Light The Dead City Diary Page that’s right next to the nest.

You can kill her with the Helsing gun found in the sewers for another achievement/trophy, but that can affect the ending of the game.

“The Dark One. I saw and angel in him… Yet he’s just a child. I feared him judging us. What if he was to decide if we were going to live or die?

For that reason, I feared him. I feared that the way through the Metro he had to travel was going to bring a death sentence upon Humanity’s head. And now… I’m just ashamed. Ashamed for us all. For what we’d become.

The history of Humanity must not end like this…”

After you reach the sewers again and you follow the light after the last vision you can begin the next chapter in line, Red Square.

Metro Last Light Bolshoi Diary Pages Locations

Metro Last Light Bolshoi is available when Artyom and his friend reach the entrance to the Theater at the end of Echoes chapter.

The Bolshoi chapter represents a change in pace, where players can take a break before starting the next mission.

There are some things to explore around the station, so there’s no hurry in finishing the chapter.

Apart from two hidden Metro Last Light Diary Pages, there are four Musical Instruments collectables in Chapter 9, and the following collectables guide reveals their exact locations with the help of some hints and tips.

Chapter 9 Description


“Our short visit to dead Moscow, the phantom of the past, is over. Pavel and I helped each other out again and are returning down to the Metro as real partners now. You can’t survive the wastelands any other way. But now ahead of us lies a populated station, The Theater.

It’s very close to Polis. If Pavel manages to lead me through the Red Line guard posts, I’ll be home in less than an hour.”

Diary Page #1

When you start the level, talk with the other men and then follow Pavel around the corner to find an entrance guarded by two soldiers.

Next to the bench to your right is a Musical Instrument, so play it before going past the guards. After Pavel talks to the two soldiers to let you pass, head through the passage and grab the first Metro Last Light Note from the shelves on your left (next to the luggage).

This is Artyom’s hidden Diary page number 12.

“Pavel needs some time to set everything up. The citizens of the other stations need a permit to enter the Red Line. The state in permanent preparation for the war readily sees a spy in any outsider. So I have some time to look around the Theater.

This station is a real legend of the Metro – not unlike Polis, the difference being that while Polis gathered most of the surviving scientists, the Theater is considered to be the cultural capital of the Metro.”

Diary Page #2

Now that you have some time to look around, go in the first populated area, and just past the last table you can find another Musical Instrument next to a chair. Follow the path to find the Market area.

At the end of the market check the counter of the last kiosk on the left for the third musical instrument in Bolshoi level. As soon as you exit the market area you can grab the second Metro Last Light Bolshoi Diary Page from the waiting benches that are on the left side of the area, right before the entrance to the actual Theater.

While in the Theater, you can watch the entire show for another achievement/trophy.

“No wonder! The world-famous Bolshoi Theater is right above that station! There are rumors that there are underground passages from its basement into the Metro, and that’s the reason why many of its actors and other staff were able to save themselves on Judgment Day. They founded a new Bolshoi down here at the station.

It is the theater rumors of which reach even the farthest corners of the Metro. And since the habitable world ends where the Metro lines end, you could say that the New Bolshoi is also known around the world. Some say it actually preserves the tradition of its great predecessor…

They say that the Earth continues to spin while the Bolshoi still puts on the shows… How I wished to see on of those! Perhaps, I finally got my chance?”

When you’re ready, follow Pavel through the backstage until you reach a restaurant. Before going any further play the Musical Instrument that’s next to the sink on your right.

Sit at the table to trigger the chapter named Korbut.

However, this doesn’t feature any collectibles, so play until you unlock the next one in line, Revolution.

Metro Last Light Red Square Diary Pages Locations

Metro Last Light Red Square is also known as Chapter 27 in the videogame, and it is available to play once Artyom crosses The Dead City.

The Red Square is the place where Artyom can find his traitor friend, Pavel. He must deal with him once and for all, and also learn about Korbut’s plans.

The majority of Chapter 27 takes place at the surface, where players might have a hard time looking for Artyom’s hidden diary pages.

The purpose of the guide above is to help such players in finding the locations of the Metro Last Light collectibles with ease.

Chapter 27 Description


“I know only one way into Polis from here – through the Red Square. The Order keeps an outpost in the Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

I’ll get in touch with our men and tell them all I know. And my goal would be just a step away from there. It will be over soon.”

Diary Page #1

Right at the start of the chapter check the left side of the tunnel/catacombs to find the first Metro Last Light Diary Page in The Red Square, next to a skeleton.

This is the 37th page in Artyom’s diary.

“What is it like, the Red Square? I can’t wait to see. People before used to say it was the heart of our motherland. I’d never been to this place, and saw it only on the old postcards.

This must be the most popular postcard sight of Moscow – the Saint Basil’s Cathedral, the Kremlin… All the foreign tourists used to be brought here first and foremost.

They didn’t nuke the Kremlin in the War. Instead, they hit it with something… Something that spared all the buildings but ate everything organic within the radius of a few miles. Something… experimental.”

Diary Page #2

After you safely cross the wastelands you should soon reach a strange tunnel filled with hands that are trying to get you.

Follow the Dark One to find a building and go around (via the balcony) to find some trenches. At the end of the trenches you should be in a ruined building with many archways. Pay attention to the Watchmen that is running on your left, because he shows you the way into a tunnel.

Head inside the tunnel, and then use the stairs to find a crypt. Next to the body that is on display is the second Metro Last Light Red Square Diary Page.

“For years nobody dared approach the Red Square. They said that something remained in the basements of the Kremlin, luring anything alive in and consuming it. Then the Order purged the Kremlin with fire…

It’s empty and all the black with soot inside now. Just like the rest of the city. The Red Square. The stopped heart of a country long gone.”

Deal with Pavel and his team and then leave the building to trigger the chapter named The Garden.

Metro Last Light Revolution Diary Pages Locations

Metro Last Light Revolution is the eleventh chapter of the videogame and it starts when Artyom escapes its enemies after his betrayal in Bolshoi.

Now that he’s free again, Artyom must find the one who betrayed him, Pavel, and ask him about the location of the Dark One.

Revolution is one of the longest chapters in Metro: Last Light, featuring many Diary Pages and Musical Instruments collectables, and those who want to get them in their first playthrough are advised to use the collectibles guide below in correlation with the video provided.

Chapter 11 Description


“Now I am in REAL spider-infested catacombs… Where the General Secretary Moskvin does not look like the head spider; that title clearly belongs to General Korbut… I sure would like to know what’s on his mind.

What did Lesnitsky bring him from D6? What’s going to destroy the enemies of the Revolution? Only questions, and no answers.

The only thing that is clear: Pavel has information on the Dark One, which makes him my current target.”

Diary Page #1

After you get your equipment back, you have to go around a metal detector to avoid the guards’ detection.

Go downstairs and head inside the room at the base of the staircase (left side as you go down, it’s on your path, so you can’t miss it). The first Metro Last Light Diary Page in Revolution is on the desk.

Before getting outside of the room, check behind the desk for a Musical Instrument.

“One thing is completely certain now: the Red Line is preparing for war. Without making pompous statements or fanning hysteria like the Reich usually does, they are steadily assembling the strongest army in the Metro ever.

And the very silence accompanying their war preparations seems more sinister to me than all the Fuhrer’s speeches…”

Diary Page #2

Next, open the door to access a large area with some kind of machinery in the center. Stick to the shadows on the right side of the area and eventually you will find two soldiers near a camp fire (after you go around the crane).

The objective tells you to go left, but instead go right, in a room with a soldier that sits down (if you’re fast enough you can catch him talking through the grates to another soldier).

Disable the lights and then use the switch to open the blast doors. Pay attention when you open the doors, because a soldier investigates the disturbance. When it’s safe, knock him out and get in the next room, where you can see three more soldiers.

Dispose of them and then get the second Metro Last Light Revolution Diary Page from the small shelf that’s near the end of the room. If you eliminated all three guards, you might have noticed that one of them played a piano, which is another Musical Instrument that must be collected.

“Looks like the Red Line’s General Secretary Moskvin does not do much decision-making. It seems that he himself is Korbut’s hostage…

The one-eyed General holds him in a deadlock with one hand, while using the other to move the pieces on his huge chessboard – the whole Metro. But why does the Secretary, supposedly capable of laying the general off or even having him executed, tolerate his insolence and yield to his demands?

Knowledge, perhaps?

I just have to catch up with Pavel and he’ll tell me everything. We’ll see how he is going to continue singing his songs of equality and brotherhood, of creating a just state for everyone… That traitor!”

Diary Page #3

Once you’re done exploring, follow the waypoint out of the large area and into the next one. Here, the soldiers are doing some tests, so it’s best to hug the left wall until you drop in the sewers.

Once you exit on the other side, your objective is to find a switch and turn off the fan blade. Therefore, climb the nearby ladder and head inside the control room. Let the scientist talk to his colleagues and then knock him out.

Before hitting the switch collect the third Metro Last Light Diary Note in Revolution from the desk next to the switch.

“Justice… Equality… Peace… Moskvin knows how to hit where it hurts. It might seem strange, but they are right: if we don’t reach an agreement, don’t stop fighting, we’ll finish ourselves off much sooner that any mutants would.

Communists, just like Nazis, use the bunker located by the Order as bait. The common folk swallow it hook, line and sinker… And that’s all. War.

Prosperity has to be bought with a price of blood. For humanity to have a bright future, one more generation has to discard its present…”

Diary Page #4

Shortly after you disable the fan you need to go through it to reach the next area. From the balcony go down using the ladder.

There are two guards talking, so wait for them to finish and then grab the fourth Note from the table between them. The last Artyom’s hidden diary page in Revolution is the seventeenth in the videogame.

“I must find the last surviving Dark One. The Order dictates that I eliminate it. That is my mission. Kill it, like I killed all its kin.

I’m prohibited from reflecting on this order, I have no right to doubt, but… After all I recalled under the effect of Korbut’s serum… I no longer know if I still want to carry that order out.”

Now you should find your way across the room, as instructed by your compass, and when you enter the corridor with the door that leads to the next area, don’t forget to open the locker you find in here, because it contains another Musical Instrument.

Follow the waypoint in the tunnels and you should soon unlock the chapter known as Regina.

Metro Last Light The Garden Diary Pages Locations

Metro Last Light Chapter 28, also known as The Garden, starts after Artyom chooses the fate of Pavel in Red Square.

The Garden is the last thing that stands between Artyom and the peace conference. It is also the place where he discovers the truth about the D6 bunker with the help of the Dark One.

There are two Artyom’s hidden Diary pages in The Garden, and the next Metro Last Light collectibles’ guide reveals their locations through a series of hints, tips and a video walkthrough.

Chapter 28 Description


“We have to make it to Polis in time for the peace conference. There isn’t going to be any peace… Just war. The last war!

Now I know the answers to all the questions. Pavel’s head proved to be a real treasury of Korbut’s sinister plans.”

Diary Page #1

Jump over the fence and follow the path through the garden while dealing with the creatures.

After you crawl under some roots you can see a large female Watchmen (the one that is making the sound you are supposed to investigate).

Before chasing her, grab the first Metro Last Light Diary Page that is sitting next to the dead body on your left side.

“Now I know it all. The picture is complete. All I saw was just in preparation. The real blow will be delivered at the very last moment. When nobody would expect. Korbut boasted he was going to take the whole of the Metro without spilling blood. He could really do it.

The last blood he’d have to spill would be the blood of the Order fighters protecting D6.

The Reds are going to take them by surprise, for at the very moment Moskvin is going to be signing the peace treaty with Miller and the others.”

Diary Page #2

Follow the large Watchmen to start the fight. When the fight is over, continue to follow the waypoint, save the Bear (the large creature) from the smaller Watchmen if you want to unlock an achievement/trophy, then you should reach some stairs.

Before going any further (near the gates where you hear the voice), collect the second Metro Last Light Diary Page that is at the top of the stairs, on the left side.

“And then Korbut would have a weapon which could wipe out all of Humanity… If that hadn’t been done before.

All the stations will be filled with corpses. And the Red Line will rule the Metro. If it manages to contain the virus – after all, it could mutate, too… I can’t waste a minute anymore.

I have to make it in time for this “peace” conference.”

Go through the gate to meet up with Khan and Miller. The chapter called Polis is unlocked after the cutscene.

Metro Last Light Regina Diary Pages Locations

Regina is the thirteenth chapter in Metro Last Light, and it becomes available when Artyom escapes through the tunnels in Revolution station.

Artyom meets with an old friend, who gives him the means of traversing the dangerous subway tunnels, a railcar known as Regina.

While the chapter is linear and there is only one Artyom’s hidden Diary page and one Musical Instrument, the collectibles are very easy to miss, so players who use the next Metro: Last Light guide should find them faster.

Chapter 12 Description


“I was able to send a report back to the Order via my old acquaintance: Andrew the Blacksmith.

At least Miller will know that I’m alive, that I haven’t completed the mission but haven’t resigned from it either.”

Diary Page

Once you acquire the railcar, get inside and start driving. Soon you will see a door on your left.

Stop the car and get inside the room, then use the Musical Instrument that’s next to the bed. Jump back in the railcar and eventually you will reach a locked gate. In order to open the gate you have to find the fusebox inside a heavily infested area.

When the path is opened, head further into the tunnel. Now you are followed by the dog-like creatures, the Watchmen, and you also have to push a subway car using your railcar. Pay attention to your right side (as facing the subway car) to find a flooded tunnel (look for the green mushrooms).

Head inside the tunnel and walk until you find its other end. Be careful as you get attacked by Watchmen, but once you get rid of them grab the Metro Last Light Regina Diary Page that’s sitting next to the dead body.

“Once again Andrew helped me out – and once again I am riding a railcar towards my goal. This time, though, I travel comfort instead of hiding in a luggage crate risking being put to death on the spot if found out…

These tunnels I’m driving through, though, seem to harbor things more dangerous than the execution squads of the Reds…”

Soon after you grab the collectible you find a dead end and you need to switch the rail tracks. When you drive the railcar on the new tracks you trigger the next in line chapter named Bandits.

Metro Last Light Polis Diary Pages Locations

Metro Last Light Polis it’s unlocked when Artyom reunites with his friends, Khan and Miller, in The Garden.

Polis is the place where the peace conference is being held, and it is the last stop for Artyom before reaching D6.

But in order to make a difference, he must ask the help of the Dark One to show the people the truth. Chapter 29 is very short and it doesn’t include any enemies or threats.

Nevertheless, the next collectables’ guide features the location of the only Metro Last Light Diary Page that can be found in Polis.

Chapter 29 Description


“He is not alone… He’s not the last! I understand his excitement and his wish to immediately meet the others. To free them and wake them up… But… He has agreed to wait a bit longer.

First he’s going to try and help us. If we make it to the conference, the dark One will be able to open up the thoughts of Moskvin – or Korbut himself.

Perhaps… make them stop this madness! This is our last chance.”

Diary Page

When the chapter begins, you and your friends have to get inside the decontamination chamber.

Once the decontamination is finished, head outside, and before following Khan, Miller, and the Dark One in the next room, collect the only Metro Last Light Diary Page in Chapter 29  from the couch on your left (opposite to the desk), probably the most important collectible so far.

“I asked the kid about how he made it. How did he survive the inferno? Now I know. When the missiles rained upon the city of the Dark Ones he was simply not there.

The Dark Ones… We’ve been asking ourselves how it happened so that new sentient life emerged almost instantly.

Why did we take millions of years of evolution, and all the Dark Ones needed were a few years? The answer was simple. It was us, people, who had brought them to life. They emerged amongst us. Sukhoi, my stepfather, was right – they were the next stage of evolution. Next to ours. We were their fathers, they were our children.

We had created so many weapons to destroy ourselves with… and one of those weapons gave birth to them. They are not like us. What kills us makes them stronger. We left them a ravaged, poisoned world. But they learned to live in it.

They sustain themselves by absorbing radiation. After being born, they do not enter the world at once – for some time they continue to exist in a dream, growing and learning from the ones who came to be before them. What we destroyed was their home. But the place where their young ones slept was underground. Close to the Botanical Gardens. Close to the TV Tower. It was in the bunkers under the TV buildings, which were connected to D6. But when the warheads fell, the entrance tunnels caved in.

The Dark Ones who were almost ready to enter the world got blocked inside. Instead of them, he, the Little One, opened his eyes, awakened by the explosion and the last scream of his mother. Knowing nothing of what had happened. Not ready for anything, knowing nothing of the world. He tried looking for his kin, but could not find them, because the few survivors continued sleeping. T heir time to wake up had come and passed.

Very soon they could die of hunger, without even opening their eyes once. I don’t know how Khan persuaded Miller, but he was the icon of stoicism and did not reach for his weapon when he saw the Dark One. And the following events shocked me even more than the plans of the Reds – there were Dark Ones in D6! Khan had hypothesized that they were created artificially before the war. Created as what?

Soldiers immune to radiation and having no need for voice communications? Could be so… But then God probably decided to breathe souls into them…”

Reach the conference and make Moskvin tell the truth with the help of the Dark One.

When the “dream” sequence is over, watch the cinematic to begin the final chapter of the videogame, D6.

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