Metro Last Light

Metro Last Light Venice Diary Pages Locations

Metro Last Light Venice is the mission that becomes available when Artyom reaches the city called Venice with the boat of the fisherman he met in Dark Waters.

Venice is another chapter where players can free roam around the map before dealing with the main objective, which is to find Pavel and ask him about the Dark One.

Since Chapter 15 doesn’t have to be played in a linear way, players are advised to use the hints and tips in the following Metro: Last Light collectibles guide if they want to find the hidden Diary Pages in a single playthrough.

Chapter 15 Description


“The subterranean Venice… An island on the dark waters of underground rivers. You always hear rough stories circulating about this place.

I hear it is all one huge den of thieves. But there is something I know for sure: Pavel reached Venice and if I’m not late he’s still there.

Finding the Dark One is still my main mission, but now I see I must also uncover Korbut’s plans so that I can warn the Order about them…”

Diary Page #1

When you leave the boat follow the man that boarded it earlier. Soon he will reach his office. You can find the first Metro Last Light Diary Page in Venice on a box next to his desk.

“The subterranean Venice is a strange city. Three stations half-flooded with groundwater. Old-timers say there used to be another city by that name…

They also say it was the most beautiful city in the world. Who knows what has become of it?”

Diary Page #2

Next, follow your compass to reach the strip club. Go downstairs where the two women are arguing with some guy and then take the second Metro Last Light Venice Diary Page that sitting on top of the vivarium.

“Venice… I’ve been told that the subterranean Venice is a city of thieves and murderers, but if found regular people here.

They’ve arranged their lives as best as they could, have achieved a fragile peace and are really afraid that the chaos raging outside might envelop them. They just want to live.”

Have a private lap dance if you want, and then follow the waypoint until you find Pavel. Soon after you encounter him you can unlock the next chapter in line, Sundown.

Metro Last Light D6 Diary Pages Locations

Metro Last Light D6, Chapter 30 in the videogame, becomes available when Artyom and the Dark One make Moskvin tell the truth in Polis.

D6 is the place where Artyom and the Order have to take the last stand against their enemies. It is the final confrontation that will lead to the destruction or the rescue of the D6 bunker.

Since the final chapter is almost a continuous battle, the final two Notes can easily go unnoticed by players.

Therefore, the information found in the following Metro Last Light guide can help them find the Diary Pages collectibles.

Chapter 30 Description


“He is gone. He did what he could… And now he has gone to meet his kin. I can’t judge him for that. The remainders of humanity are finishing each other off in their final fight – it is not his war. I hope he was able to forgive us… Me.

For what we did to his brothers and sisters. His mother and father.”

Diary Page #1

As you exit the train, Miller begins his speech and you can’t walk past your comrades.

Wait for him to finish, and then quickly grab the first Metro Last Light Diary Page that’s next to the radios on the right, near the weapon store.

“We must stop Korbut, prevent him from taking D6. If we fail, all we’ve been through after the War, all the hardships we braved surviving all these years, all the sacrifices… Everything would have been in vain.

Could it be that the spring that has finally melted the decades-old ice on the surface, promising us a new hope of leaving the darkness of the underground and reaching out to the sun again, is also in vain? Could it happen that there won’t be anyone left to welcome that spring? I can’t believe this.

Hope still lives while the Order holds D6, while even a single one of us still draws breath. We will stop Korbut – at any cost. For our friends and families. For the whole of the Metro. For the spring we’ve been waiting for. For the future.”

Diary Page #2

Proceed to the battle and fight off the enemies until they bring a tank. Get rid of it as fast as you can and then fall back to the barricade behind you.

As you jump over, look at the right corner (behind you while facing the enemy soldiers). The second Metro Last Light Diary Page is next to the crates (look for a green light).

This is the final Artyom’s hidden Diary Page, number 43, so assuming you followed our complete guide you are now awarded with the Published achievement/trophy.

“Now I know. There were never any stores of food or medical supplies in D6 to speak of. Miller just didn’t want to tell us that: he kept opening door after door hoping to find what he’d promised. Our chance for salvation.

But all he found were containers with viruses. With bacteria. Spores of death. The ancestors left us a vast stockpile of tabooed weapons, nothing else. Korbut knew this. He never cared about food or other supplies. Hungry people are easier to control.

They always want more. We opened Pandora’s box, and we’re going to seal it back. Or die. All of us…”

Metro Last Light Polis Diary Pages Locations

Metro Last Light Polis it’s unlocked when Artyom reunites with his friends, Khan and Miller, in The Garden.

Polis is the place where the peace conference is being held, and it is the last stop for Artyom before reaching D6.

But in order to make a difference, he must ask the help of the Dark One to show the people the truth. Chapter 29 is very short and it doesn’t include any enemies or threats.

Nevertheless, the next collectables’ guide features the location of the only Metro Last Light Diary Page that can be found in Polis.

Chapter 29 Description


“He is not alone… He’s not the last! I understand his excitement and his wish to immediately meet the others. To free them and wake them up… But… He has agreed to wait a bit longer.

First he’s going to try and help us. If we make it to the conference, the dark One will be able to open up the thoughts of Moskvin – or Korbut himself.

Perhaps… make them stop this madness! This is our last chance.”

Diary Page

When the chapter begins, you and your friends have to get inside the decontamination chamber.

Once the decontamination is finished, head outside, and before following Khan, Miller, and the Dark One in the next room, collect the only Metro Last Light Diary Page in Chapter 29  from the couch on your left (opposite to the desk), probably the most important collectible so far.

“I asked the kid about how he made it. How did he survive the inferno? Now I know. When the missiles rained upon the city of the Dark Ones he was simply not there.

The Dark Ones… We’ve been asking ourselves how it happened so that new sentient life emerged almost instantly.

Why did we take millions of years of evolution, and all the Dark Ones needed were a few years? The answer was simple. It was us, people, who had brought them to life. They emerged amongst us. Sukhoi, my stepfather, was right – they were the next stage of evolution. Next to ours. We were their fathers, they were our children.

We had created so many weapons to destroy ourselves with… and one of those weapons gave birth to them. They are not like us. What kills us makes them stronger. We left them a ravaged, poisoned world. But they learned to live in it.

They sustain themselves by absorbing radiation. After being born, they do not enter the world at once – for some time they continue to exist in a dream, growing and learning from the ones who came to be before them. What we destroyed was their home. But the place where their young ones slept was underground. Close to the Botanical Gardens. Close to the TV Tower. It was in the bunkers under the TV buildings, which were connected to D6. But when the warheads fell, the entrance tunnels caved in.

The Dark Ones who were almost ready to enter the world got blocked inside. Instead of them, he, the Little One, opened his eyes, awakened by the explosion and the last scream of his mother. Knowing nothing of what had happened. Not ready for anything, knowing nothing of the world. He tried looking for his kin, but could not find them, because the few survivors continued sleeping. T heir time to wake up had come and passed.

Very soon they could die of hunger, without even opening their eyes once. I don’t know how Khan persuaded Miller, but he was the icon of stoicism and did not reach for his weapon when he saw the Dark One. And the following events shocked me even more than the plans of the Reds – there were Dark Ones in D6! Khan had hypothesized that they were created artificially before the war. Created as what?

Soldiers immune to radiation and having no need for voice communications? Could be so… But then God probably decided to breathe souls into them…”

Reach the conference and make Moskvin tell the truth with the help of the Dark One.

When the “dream” sequence is over, watch the cinematic to begin the final chapter of the videogame, D6.

Metro Last Light The Garden Diary Pages Locations

Metro Last Light Chapter 28, also known as The Garden, starts after Artyom chooses the fate of Pavel in Red Square.

The Garden is the last thing that stands between Artyom and the peace conference. It is also the place where he discovers the truth about the D6 bunker with the help of the Dark One.

There are two Artyom’s hidden Diary pages in The Garden, and the next Metro Last Light collectibles’ guide reveals their locations through a series of hints, tips and a video walkthrough.

Chapter 28 Description


“We have to make it to Polis in time for the peace conference. There isn’t going to be any peace… Just war. The last war!

Now I know the answers to all the questions. Pavel’s head proved to be a real treasury of Korbut’s sinister plans.”

Diary Page #1

Jump over the fence and follow the path through the garden while dealing with the creatures.

After you crawl under some roots you can see a large female Watchmen (the one that is making the sound you are supposed to investigate).

Before chasing her, grab the first Metro Last Light Diary Page that is sitting next to the dead body on your left side.

“Now I know it all. The picture is complete. All I saw was just in preparation. The real blow will be delivered at the very last moment. When nobody would expect. Korbut boasted he was going to take the whole of the Metro without spilling blood. He could really do it.

The last blood he’d have to spill would be the blood of the Order fighters protecting D6.

The Reds are going to take them by surprise, for at the very moment Moskvin is going to be signing the peace treaty with Miller and the others.”

Diary Page #2

Follow the large Watchmen to start the fight. When the fight is over, continue to follow the waypoint, save the Bear (the large creature) from the smaller Watchmen if you want to unlock an achievement/trophy, then you should reach some stairs.

Before going any further (near the gates where you hear the voice), collect the second Metro Last Light Diary Page that is at the top of the stairs, on the left side.

“And then Korbut would have a weapon which could wipe out all of Humanity… If that hadn’t been done before.

All the stations will be filled with corpses. And the Red Line will rule the Metro. If it manages to contain the virus – after all, it could mutate, too… I can’t waste a minute anymore.

I have to make it in time for this “peace” conference.”

Go through the gate to meet up with Khan and Miller. The chapter called Polis is unlocked after the cutscene.

Metro Last Light Red Square Diary Pages Locations

Metro Last Light Red Square is also known as Chapter 27 in the videogame, and it is available to play once Artyom crosses The Dead City.

The Red Square is the place where Artyom can find his traitor friend, Pavel. He must deal with him once and for all, and also learn about Korbut’s plans.

The majority of Chapter 27 takes place at the surface, where players might have a hard time looking for Artyom’s hidden diary pages.

The purpose of the guide above is to help such players in finding the locations of the Metro Last Light collectibles with ease.

Chapter 27 Description


“I know only one way into Polis from here – through the Red Square. The Order keeps an outpost in the Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

I’ll get in touch with our men and tell them all I know. And my goal would be just a step away from there. It will be over soon.”

Diary Page #1

Right at the start of the chapter check the left side of the tunnel/catacombs to find the first Metro Last Light Diary Page in The Red Square, next to a skeleton.

This is the 37th page in Artyom’s diary.

“What is it like, the Red Square? I can’t wait to see. People before used to say it was the heart of our motherland. I’d never been to this place, and saw it only on the old postcards.

This must be the most popular postcard sight of Moscow – the Saint Basil’s Cathedral, the Kremlin… All the foreign tourists used to be brought here first and foremost.

They didn’t nuke the Kremlin in the War. Instead, they hit it with something… Something that spared all the buildings but ate everything organic within the radius of a few miles. Something… experimental.”

Diary Page #2

After you safely cross the wastelands you should soon reach a strange tunnel filled with hands that are trying to get you.

Follow the Dark One to find a building and go around (via the balcony) to find some trenches. At the end of the trenches you should be in a ruined building with many archways. Pay attention to the Watchmen that is running on your left, because he shows you the way into a tunnel.

Head inside the tunnel, and then use the stairs to find a crypt. Next to the body that is on display is the second Metro Last Light Red Square Diary Page.

“For years nobody dared approach the Red Square. They said that something remained in the basements of the Kremlin, luring anything alive in and consuming it. Then the Order purged the Kremlin with fire…

It’s empty and all the black with soot inside now. Just like the rest of the city. The Red Square. The stopped heart of a country long gone.”

Deal with Pavel and his team and then leave the building to trigger the chapter named The Garden.

Metro Last Light The Dead City Diary Pages Locations

Metro Last Light The Dead City is the chapter which begins when Artyom, helped by the Dark One, escapes the train Depot.

In The Dead City, Artyom has to cross the city in order to reach the Red Square and find Pavel.

Throughout the city, Artyom can experience seven visions of things long gone. If players follow the compass in Chapter 26 they can easily miss some of the Metro Last Light collectibles available in the level.

The next collectables’ guide, combined with the video walkthrough, reveals the exact locations of these items.

Chapter 26 Description


“He who sows the wind, shall reap the storm. The dark One opened up Lesnitsky’s thoughts to me. I know all their plans.

I know Pavel is going to be at the Red Square, and that’s where I have to face him – before going to Polis. A Peace Conference is being held there. Laughable. The war has already started, it won’t stop while there’s a person alive in Metro.

All trying to stop it could just as well try and stop a tornado with their bare hands. But I still have to try – I have to reach Polis to denounce the liars. And face the storm.”

Diary Page #1

The first Metro Last Light Diary Page in The Dead City can be acquired almost in the beginning of the chapter, when you have to enter the building to your left (after the Dark One gives you a fresh filter).

Use the stairs, while following the compass, and after you open the door you should see a table with a red tablecloth.

Behind the table you can find the Note collectible on a small drawer.

“Once again we’re going through the surface. Hello again, Moscow. A crypt city. A fallen hero city. A city bereft of its soul. It’s not my home city anymore.

My home city is in the past. But it is the home city of the little Dark One… How strange.”

Diary Page #2

After you exit the building you have your first vision and then you have to drop down in the sewers.

As you enter, you may hear a baby cry and a piano afterwards. At this moment you need to take the path on your right and exit the sewers via the hole in the street.

Turn around and you should see an entrance to the building on your left. Head inside and go upstairs to find a piano that will trigger the second vision.

When the vision is done play the last Metro Last Light Musical Instrument to unlock the Musical achievement/trophy.

Note that all musical instruments must be found in a single playthrough, otherwise the achievement/trophy will remain locked. Continue playing until the Dark One says to use the ladder to reach the top of the building.

At the top of the building there’s a Demon guarding her nest.

Pay attention for when she leaves the nest (or shoot her a little bit), and then quickly grab the second Metro Last Light The Dead City Diary Page that’s right next to the nest.

You can kill her with the Helsing gun found in the sewers for another achievement/trophy, but that can affect the ending of the game.

“The Dark One. I saw and angel in him… Yet he’s just a child. I feared him judging us. What if he was to decide if we were going to live or die?

For that reason, I feared him. I feared that the way through the Metro he had to travel was going to bring a death sentence upon Humanity’s head. And now… I’m just ashamed. Ashamed for us all. For what we’d become.

The history of Humanity must not end like this…”

After you reach the sewers again and you follow the light after the last vision you can begin the next chapter in line, Red Square.

Metro Last Light Depot Diary Pages Locations

Metro Last Light Depot,Chapter 25 in the videogame, it’s unlocked as soon as Artyom manages to get across the Bridge.

In the Depot level Artyom is hunted by many soldiers, but he also learns some useful information from one of them with the help of his new friend, the little Dark One.

The next Metro Last Light collectables guide reveals the location of the Diary Page that can be found in Chapter 25, and the video above also shows how to get it.

Chapter 25 Description


“We are coming to Polis. Together. Come what may. The Little One did not want to leave. Something is holding him… I don’t know yet get what.

Nevertheless, I’m glad it is, because he is helpful.”

Diary Page

Follow the rail track to get inside the train station.

Talk to the men and then head further inside the station. Once you climb on the catwalk the enemies will get in the station. Go past the first squad, preferably undetected, and after you open a door head upstairs to meet with the Dark One, who brings you some new filters for the gas mask.

If you pay attention you can see the Note collectible behind the bars, right next to him. After you open the door, get inside the bathrooms to your left. In the left corner, near the sinks, is a small opening in the wall and it leads to the area with the Metro Last Light Depot Diary Page.

“I don’t know what will I tell Miller, who ordered him killed. I don’t know what the Dark One will think when I introduce Miller to him…

What does he think of us all in general? When I think what he had to go through in the course of the last few days… They were going to kill him as a mutant, and his only salvation was human greed.

Then they were going to turn him into a guard dog, watching over the prisoners and making the green recruits charge into the enemy’s bayonet lines… But he escaped that fate only to be put into a freak show, and then shipped away as property from the station where some people decided to conduct a sinister experiment on the other… God…

What if he really is and angel?”

Continue to slip past the enemies until you find Lesnitsky. The Dark One helps you to get inside his mind, and once you decide his fate, get out of the depot to access The Dead City.

Metro Last Light Bridge Diary Pages Locations

Bridge is the name of Chapter 24 in Metro Last Light and it can be played when Artyom finds a way to climb to the inner section of the bridge from The Crossing.

Bridge can be a very short mission, depending on how the situation is approached, but regardless, it only takes place on an abandoned bridge.

However, even if the chapter features only one hidden Diary Page collectible, it’s in an easy to miss place, hence the collectibles guide below uncovers its exact location.

Chapter 24 Description


“Whatever my intentions concerning him might be, the little Dark One just does not seem to care.

He keeps following me as if I never was going after him, as if we were tied together by fate…”

Diary Page

Cross the bridge while dealing with the enemies (if you play as stealthy as possible and you choose not to kill a single one of them you can unlock an extra achievement/trophy).

As soon as you reach the inner part of the bridge, away from the storm, you can clearly see some escalators a few meters front of you.

Check for a door on the left side of the area (look for a gas mask painting on the wall) and get inside the small office to grab the Metro Last Light Bridge Diary Page collectible from the desk.

“But I remained human. I was afraid to be different, afraid to be considered abnormal… I was the only one free from their influence, but I suspected myself to be a sleeper agent of the monsters…

The meeting with the Dark One just got displaced from my memory. The beast within me woke up and devoured the human. I went out to the surface an orphan, yet I came back a firstborn son. I was to create a connection between the angels and men, and instead I targeted the missiles at them.

There was only one survivor. And now he stands before me. A child. An orphan. Alone in the whole world. The circle is complete.”

The chapter named Depot becomes available after you use the zipline to traverse the bridge and you are rescued by the Dark One.

Metro Last Light The Crossing Diary Pages Locations

Metro Last Light The Crossing starts as soon as Artyom find the Dark One on the train that’s in The Chase level.

Another mission on the surface, Chapter 23, requires Artyom to find a way on the bridge that will lead him closer to his objective.

The path is treacherous and filled with monsters, so he must be very careful.

Due to the nature of the chapter, players are advised to use the hints and tips in the following Metro: Last Light collectables guide if they want to find Artyom’s hidden Diary pages in the first playthrough.

Chapter 23 Description


“Of course I could not kill him. And while I am alive and my heart is beating, I will protect him. Khan says we’ll be able to use him to stop the war…

Yes, he can make miracles happen… But I don’t want to use him. His war was over when I targeted the missile at his home, his family.”

Diary Page #1

Follow your objective and you should soon arrive at a bridge. You need to go under the bridge, walking on ice. As soon as you reach the other side, the waypoint tells you to use the stairs.

Don’t do that yet. Instead, turn right and go again under the bridge, this time walking on the ground, above the water level.

Next to the farthest sustaining column/pillar is the first Metro Last Light Diary Page in The Crossing, the 31st in the game. Watch out for the ambush.

“I recall why I am immune to the Dark Ones’ influence. I am, in fact, a Chosen One – but I was not born that way. I became so the day we opened that airlock, the day I was destined to die.

I was supposed to be ripped apart by feral beasts, but the Dark One saved me. I was the first human they met. It just happened this way. And before I even had a chance to get scared, he touched me. Because that’s the way they create a link. It’s hard to do with a grown-up person, but kids…

They’re not yet hardened, their soul is still free of crust, easier to get to… I became the First.”

Diary Page #2

The second Metro Last Light The Crossing Diary Page can be collected after you fall from the train car in the water.

Thread carefully on the thin ice and go under the bridge to see a boat trapped in ice. Before getting to the boat it is advised to kill the Demon and the Shrimps. When the path is clear, get on the boat, and at the front of it you can find the Note collectible.

“That day I opened that airlock and went out to the dead surface, risking my life and lives of my friends, because I just missed my mother too much. And that Dark One saw me. He saw a lonely orphan. Alone in the whole world.

By touching my soul he… it’s as if he adopted me. Ever since that moment their presence would not inflict terror or pain on me. I was supposed to grow up and become a medium between humans and the Dark Ones, a bridge between two worlds. They were coming to the Expo to find me. To make me recall my mission…”

Once you cross the water and you reunite with the Dark One you can begin the next chapter named Bridge.

Metro Last Light The Chase Diary Pages Locations

Metro Last Light Chapter 22, or The Chase, begins when Artyom and Khan find the railcar at the end of the previous chapter.

In The Chase level, Artyom must catch the train where the enemies keep the Dark One and rescue him before it’s too late.

The following collectibles guide reveals the location of the only Metro Last Light Diary Page found in The Chase mission, and players must be aware of the fact that it can be easily missed in the heat of the battle.

The video above provides even more information regarding the collectable’s exact location.

Chapter 22 Description


“I never believed him – and that is no surprise – but Khan’s words were true. This strange river took me to the past, the moment where I sent out the signal and destroyed all the Dark Ones.

And then it dropped me off at the place where I can find the last survivor of that race – a helpless and harmless child… Khan called him the Last Angel.”

Diary Page

The chapter begins with a chase between railcars. Kill all the Reds you can, and soon you will catch up a train that you have to board.

Once on board, pay attention to the extra enemies while advancing to the front of the train. As soon as you enter the first covered train car, grab the Metro Last Light The Chase Diary Page that’s on the box on your right side.  

“Khan. I never know what to expect of him. I don’t even really know what he is. A traveling philosopher? A wizard?

A guest from a parallel dimension? How does he earn his living – by saving people or by killing them? He always makes me feel I don’t understand anything about life and world I’m living in. He shows me things I can’t explain – and will never be able to.

He makes obvious seem absurd, while the absurd becomes logical and natural. What if he is right? What if the Dark Ones were not demons, not hellspawn – but angels? What if they were able to save us, if we could overcome the animal within us and find a common language with them?

What if the little Dark One that’s sitting in a cage inside this train… What if he really is the last angel? What if he’s going to pass judgment upon us?”

Reach the front of the train and rescue the Dark One to trigger the next chapter called The Crossing right after you see a vision induced by the Dark One.

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