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Star Trek Research Data Locations

The Star Trek Research Data hidden in the video game can be used to unlock multiple sets of items and earn additional experience points for Kirk and Spock.

Every chapter featured in the video game developed by Digital Extremes for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, contains a series of hidden research data items; however finding all of them can be a difficult task especially because these items don’t have a specific form.

In other words, the Star Trek Research Data can be simple audio logs, or they can be animals, weapons, and even opponents encountered by the two members of the Enterprise.

To locate a Star Trek Research Data, players must use the tricorder view which practically scans the environment. A research item that can be scanned is usually yellow, and when players find one, all they have to do is to scan it by tapping X (on Xbox 360).

An important fact is that not all items or structures are Research Data Items. Players can notice that some structures in Star Trek The Video Game, also turn yellow if Kirk or Spock can interact with them, but they can’t be scanned.

Because of this, finding the correct items that count as research items can be quite challenging. Additionally, most Star Trek Research Items can be found in unusual, and hard to reach places.

The following Star Trek game guide reveals the locations of all research items in the game, for those players who wish to find them and earn the corresponding achievements/trophies, or for those who wish to complete all Star Trek Sets.

Star Trek 2013 the video game is divided in chapters; therefore the guide was also divided in parts, one for each chapter of the videogame.

By accessing one of these parts, players can find hints revealing the locations for all Star Trek Research Data, as well as video walkthroughs, which show where to look for them.

To complete all Star Trek Sets, players should collect the data research items in the same order as the one provided in our guides.

The Star Trek collectibles known as Data Research Items, play a major role in the game, and should be found by all players who desire to level up faster. The first chapter featuring collectibles is Helios 1.

Star Trek Video Game
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