Star Trek Helios 1 Research Data Locations

Star Trek Helios 1 is the first chapter in the video game developed by Digital Extremes for Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3.

As all chapters of the videogame, Star Trek Helios-1 includes a series of collectibles, also known as Star Trek Research Data.

While playing Star Trek Chapter 1, players can complete two sets by finding a series of Audio Logs and other important items related to the game’s plot and to the first location Kirk and Spock have to investigate.

The following Star Trek video game guide reveals their exact locations through a series of hints, and a video guide created with the purpose of helping players who wish to find them faster in order to unlock all corresponding achievements and trophies.

Helios-1 Research Data

Helios Station – Vulcan Hyprospray

The first Star Trek The Video Game collectible that can be found is inside the room where Kirk and Spock have to hack the first door.

After a small cutscene showing a Vulcan scientist chocking and asking  you to open the door, use the button on the right side of the door to enter the room. Approach the Vulcan scientist and while facing him, turn left, to notice a desk.

On the right side of the desk is the first Star Trek Research Data which belongs to the Helios Station Set. Once you retrieve it, remain in the same room.

Helios Station – T’Mar’s Audio Log #1

After you pick up the previous collectible, you can find the first Star Trek Audio Log on Helios Station.  It is in the same room where you have found the Vulcan Hyprospray. To locate it faster, check the console you have to hack, and while facing it, turn right and look down.

In the corner of the room, on the ground is the second Star Trek collectible in Chapter 1.

Helios Station – Helios Engineering Schematic

When you reach the Command Centre on Helios Station, a new cutscene starts showing a Vulcan engineer, telling you that he won’t leave his team behind.

Make sure that after the cutscene you scan the large hologram in the middle of the room, to get the second Helios-1 collectable.

Helios Station – Surok’s Audio Log #1

Once you leave the Command Center using the Turbolift you will reach a new corridor. To your left you should see a crate and on it the second Star Trek Chapter 1 Audio Log.

Pick it up but remain on the same corridor.

Helios Station – Tribble 1/7

Immediately after you have found Surok’s Audio Log, check the door in front of you, instead of the one marked on your HUD. Even if you can’t get through that door, behind it, you will find another collectible which belongs to a new set.

It is on the left side of the room behind the blocked door, on a pyramid and you can scan it from distance.

Helios Station – Helios Control Cluster

Later in the chapter, after you complete the Space Station’s Core you will eventually encounter T’Mar. After the cutscene, once you gain control over your character, turn right and scan the console near you.

It is located in the starting area of the final part in the chapter. Make sure you don’t follow T’Mar because you will trigger the final cutscene.

Helios Station – T’Mar’s Audio Log #2

Several steps away from the console containing the previous research data, you should see a crate. If you activate the scanner and approach the object, you will notice another cellphone containing the last collectible in the chapter and the third Audio Log on Helios.

This specific log also belongs to T’Mar. Once you return to Enterprise, you will have to leave to another location and start the second Chapter: New Vulcan.

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