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Star Trek 2013 Trainer and Cheats

The Star Trek 2013 trainer that was uploaded on on May 13, 2013 was developed to work on all versions of the video game published by Namco Bandai Games, and it is a free megatrainer that can be downloaded by all fans of the game.

The trainer works exclusively on the PC version of the game, and it allows players to activate 9 Star Trek 2013 cheats or cheat codes.

Even if it is a free Star Trek 2013 mega-trainer, players who wish to try it, should be aware that the executable file included in its archive, contains encrypted information and some antivirus programs may block it and report it is as harmful.

Star Trek 2013, the video game, is a third-person shooter, which presents the events that occur after Spock and Kirk receive a distress signal from a Vulcan space station.

When they investigate the distress signal, the protagonists find out that the station was harvesting the power of a star, to accelerate the terraforming of New Vulcan, using a device known as Helios. During the process, the station opened a Rip in space, which was used by an unknown species to travel from its dimension, attacking the station and stealing the device.

The Gorn, become Kirk’s main targets during the game, along with the Vulcans infected by them, while the final objective is to recover the Helios device.

Star Trek 2013 is a video-game divided in chapters, players being allowed to pick one of the main characters at the beginning of each chapter; however, players are not allowed to switch between Spock and Kirk, during a mission.

Spock is a balanced character with abilities that are focused more on stealth, while Kirk is an aggressive type of character and a professional shooter. Both of them have different techniques that can be used by players, depending on how they wish to approach a situation.

The videogame features 49 trophies/achievements, a series of collectibles known as Research Data, as well as a multiplayer mode for up to 2 players.

After it release, Star Trek 2013 the video game received low scores from critics, most of these scores being affected by the game’s increased number of glitches. On Gamespot, Star Trek 2013 received 3.5 points out of 10, and on IGN 4.2.

Star Trek 2013 PC Trainer

The Star Trek 2013 cheats’ list below, includes all nine cheat codes that can be unlocked using the trainer on; however, to gain access to them, players must follow several steps.

Download the free Star Trek 2013 megatrainer from and unpack all files included in Trnz_StarTrek2013_+9.rar.

Move or copy the files inside the game’s directory.

Run the trainer and then the game.

After you load the game, make sure that the trainer runs in background, and press the following function keys to activate the corresponding Star Trek 2013 cheat codes.

Star Trek 2013 PC Cheats

F1 – Infinite Health (God Mode)

F2 – Infinite shield

F3 – Unlimited ammo/grenades

F4 – No reload time

F5 – No spread

F6 – Rapid fire

F7 – Disable blaster overheating

F8 – Infinite XP (experience points)

F9 -Increase hack time to 9 minutes

Star Trek Video Game
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