Sports Legends Who Love Gaming


As they continue playing on the courts, fields or even courses depending on the type of game they are playing; athletes are ranked as the most spirited people on earth. You might have seen some of them in boxing rings taking up hundreds of punches, others in Mixed Martial Arts octagons withstanding lots of training sessions or in basketball courts, shooting some dimension bending 3-pointers!

Of course, training hard and never giving up is how they stay best and remain undefeated. Well, let us take a look at the sports legends who love casinos and are known for going big on their wagers.

Floyd Mayweather

He is always regarded as one of the greatest gamblers in Las Vegas, which turns out to be his Hometown as well. Many casino managers glorify him and refer to him as “Money” because Mayweather is always willing to win it all or lose it all.  His drive for gambling is so great that he sometimes wagers crazy sums of money. Of late, while he was playing against his opponent UFC star, Conor McGregor he went ahead and bet 3 million dollars on his victory, which is ridiculous.

Then again, sometimes back at the M Resort in Las Vegas, he tried to bet $400,000 on himself, but he declined to take the bets after suspecting that it might be illegal.  According to ESPN reports, the fearless Mayweather went ahead and gave his friend $87,000 on his behalf, to bet on him winning. The irony is, he was still disappointed by how the betting limits were so “low”!

In 2016, he hosted a $300,000 blackjack tournament in the Bahamas and bragged that he’s not a newbie to playing blackjack and so he went ahead and bet as much as $100,000 per hand. According to the comment he made in the Daily Telegraph, he said he wants to go to many other casinos and play more blackjack. From the look of things, we expect to hear more news about Mr Money going big on his bets in the coming years!

2. Wayne Rooney

Former Manchester United Striker and current Everton luminary is also a huge fan of gambling. Mostly, he stands as a motivation for all the star athletes who wish to find some action elsewhere apart from the pitch. Earlier last year according to the reports from The Sun, he ended up losing a cool £500,000 in a binge gambling spree on roulette and blackjack.  After that, according to a source who was with him in the casino reported that Rooney, a tough gambling soccer player reacts to his losses just as seriously as like every other gambler. Rooney is said to have looked depressed while seeing his bankroll gone just like that. According to the source, Rooney was repeatedly seen cursing his own words and later that day; he was just fixated in one of the tables looking disappointed.

Other Sports Legends

While Floyd and Rooney have been popping up in the news lately as some of the biggest gamblers, here’s a look at more athletes who have gone big on gambling at one point or another:

    1. Among the other, most known athletes who blend the casino and basketball is prolific basketball superstar, Michael Jordan, a well-known financial risk taker. He once admitted to betting $165,000 on the night before playing against the New York Knicks.
    1. Alex Rodriguez who is a former Mets player was anonymously snapped with a photographer at the table sitting alongside Phil Hellmuth on an underground illegal poker den in New York City.
    1. John Daly is a great golf player who boldly admitted of dropping over $60 million over the course of tragic 12-year gambling.
  1. In Las Vegas again, Charles Barkley who played so well that he left opponents baffled in the courts has not been much successful when playing in gambling dens deep of Las Vegas. He has later admitted of dropping $20 million in these casino tables, and besides all that, Berkeley asserts that he has lowered things down a bit. However, he also said in a statement, that even though he has taken things down a notch, he is still fine with losing a couple hundred thousand dollars in a betting spree in Las Vegas.

While most of us cannot afford to spend or lose such huge sums of money, the wins and losses of these sports legends are a clear sign that any of us can lose or win when gambling. Just make sure that you only lose what you can afford because as we already know, many of these athletes are super rich!

Why Do They Do It?

As crazy as it sounds, there is a theory behind all these crazy betting habits. According to Dr. Emma who is a specialist in the psychology of athletes, all the sports athletes have numerous qualities that assign them to be gambling maniacs.  Just like most gamblers, these pro athletes have high levels of energy and ridiculously expect to win because they are excessively optimistic and most of them tend to have high IQs.

Another study done on these star athletes points out that they always want to stay actively competitive even when activities calm down. Phil Hellmuth, who has shared casino tables with Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan, says that they are all good in a clenched situation, both of them; Tiger an Michael Jordan never want to lose at anything. He also concludes by saying playing with these athletes is quite an exhilarating experience. Well, wouldn’t we all want to share a gaming table with some of these legends?

Is your favourite athlete known for making huge bets and you haven’t seen the name here? Let us know right here in the comments section!