Splinter Cell Blacklist Site F Dead Drop Location

Splinter Cell Blacklist Site F Collectibles Locations

Splinter Cell Blacklist Site F, the last mission in the videogame, is unlocked after the mission at the LNG Terminal.

Despite their success, the President doesn’t want to speak with the Fourth Echelon team to hear their warning about Sadiq.

However, it seems that it’s too late, because Sadiq is already in control of Site F bunker. The team is forbidden to interfere, but they know this is the only chance to stop Sadiq from getting key military and government Intel.

Site F features all three Splinter Cell Blacklist collectibles, but the difficulty of the mission is higher and all of them are in heavily guarded areas.

Mission Description


Splinter Cell Blacklist Site F Collectibles

Blacklist Laptop

The first Splinter Cell Blacklist collectible, the Laptop, can be collected early in the mission, before getting inside the bunker.

Head for the fake weather station where you need to disable the vent fan. There are multiple ways inside, so use the one that suits you best.

There are two standard enemies and a heavy infantry inside. He’s the one that has to be taken care of first, because the other two can be knocked out with the crossbow. Hack the Blacklist Laptop than disable the vent fan.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Site F Blacklist Laptop Location
Blacklist Laptop

Dead Drop Flash Drive

Make your way inside the bunker until you need to descend into a large circular room. There are many lasers that appear during your descent, and halfway through your objective is to hack the network port.

Right after that use the ladder to go down, but don’t rappel yet. Instead, use one of the two beams that are traversing the room to reach the wall of the elevator shaft, where the Dead Drop collectible is located.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Site F Dead Drop Location
Dead Drop

High Value Target

Next, you need to sabotage the bunker systems. There are three terminals in this area that you need to access and only one checkpoint, so it is recommended to get rid of the enemies one by one.

In the room with terminal A is a drone operator and right next to him is the HVT. A good way to deal with him is with the Tri-Rotor.

Attract him to separate him from the drone operator then shock him. When the path is clear go to the terminal, but don’t forget to bag & tag him.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Site F High Value Target Location
High Value Target
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