Splinter Cell Blacklist Safehouse Blacklist Laptop Location

Splinter Cell Blacklist Safehouse Collectibles Locations

Splinter Cell Blacklist Safehouse is the first mission of the videogame, and it takes place after the game’s prologue in which players learn about the basic mechanics.

In Blacklist Zero (the intro mission), Sam Fisher’s base is attacked, so he and his team get on a custom aircraft named Paladin to find out who’s responsible for the attack.

But in order to do that, Sam must extract Grim’s contact from a CIA safehouse in Benghazi.

This contact is actually Andriy Kobin, an old enemy featured in Splinter Cell Conviction.

There are three Splinter Cell Blacklist collectibles in Mission 1, one for each category, and in order to find them in the first playthrough you have to follow the exact order from the text guide.

Mission Description


Splinter Cell Blacklist Safehouse Collectibles

Dead Drop Flash Drive

Soon after the mission starts, Sam gets in his iconic stealth suit and you learn about the execute ability. After you get rid of the two targets you need to get inside a house.

There are a few enemies in front of you, but try not to disturb them and turn right to follow a corridor. When you reach the left turn you should see the first Splinter Cell Blacklist Dead Drop on a drawer next to you. Pay attention to the sound it makes. Also, the game informs you about the Dead Drops when you reach the collectible.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Safehouse Dead Drop Location
Dead Drop

High Value Target

Further in the mission, after the rooftops sequence, you need to grab a ledge in order to advance. At this point, Anna informs you about a High Value Target in the vicinity.

When you drop down you can see the HVT inside the house in front of you. The easiest way to capture him is to wait for him to finish his phone conversation, and then climb through the window and grab him from behind.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Safehouse High Value Target Location
High Value Target

Blacklist Laptop

Once you get inside the police station, dodge the enemies and head upstairs.

Grim should give you a heads up about enemy computers. At this point go inside the meeting room to your right, and then in the next one (these two rooms are connected and they both have their doors opened, so it doesn’t matter if you choose to enter the second one directly from the corridor).

On the desk is the first Blacklist Laptop in the videogame. When you’re ready, rescue Kobin to complete the mission.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Safehouse Blacklist Laptop Location
Blacklist Laptop
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