Splinter Cell Blacklist Private Estate Dead Drop Location

Splinter Cell Blacklist Private Estate Collectibles Locations

Splinter Cell Blacklist Private Estate, also known as Mission 4, can be played after Sam Fisher stops the first Blacklist attack.

After the attack, Sam decides it’s time to go on offense against Sadiq. In order to do that, Grim uses Kobin as bait without Sam knowing.

However, this action pays off because they get a name, Reza Nouri. Now it’s up to Fisher to infiltrate his estate to interrogate him.

The locations of the Splinter Cell: Blacklist collectables can be found in the following guide, along with some useful tips on how to get them undetected.

Mission Description


Splinter Cell Blacklist Private Estate Collectibles

Blacklist Laptop

As soon as you begin the mission you need to rappel down to reach the tennis field. Next to the field is a garage. Eliminate the guard nearby to have a clear path to the garage. Before going inside use the sonar goggles or the camera to mark the two enemies that are inside.

One of them will eventually go away and the other will turn around. This is the moment when you need to get inside and incapacitate the remaining enemy. Then you can hack the Splinter Cell Blacklist Laptop that’s in the garage.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Private Estate Blacklist Laptop Location
Blacklist Laptop

High Value Target

After you use the Tri-Rotor’s EMP to cut the power, the enemies will be on high alert. At this point the HVT is available to be captured.

He is patrolling on the balcony to your left as you exit the shed. You can use a sticky cam to attract him closer to your position, but this can be risky since there’s also a dog nearby. Grab the High Value Target quickly so you can dodge the enemies and get inside the mansion.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Private Estate High Value Target Location
High Value Target

Dead Drop Flash Drive

There are two entry points that can get you inside the mansion, but regardless of the one you choose, you need to reach the top floor, which is also the point where you can access the panic room.

If you use the double staircase choose the stairs on the left and then head inside the first room on the left side of the corridor (the bathroom with the panic room access point is on the right side of the corridor).

The Dead Drop flash drive is on the unit/table next to the wall, but for some reason it may not appear through walls even with the Paladin upgrades.

Pay attention on this floor, because there are always three or four guards patrolling and one of them can be in the room with the collectible. Also, make sure you grab the flash drive before going inside the panic room.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Private Estate Dead Drop Location
Dead Drop
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