Splinter Cell Blacklist LNG Terminal High Value Target Location

Splinter Cell Blacklist LNG Terminal Collectibles Locations

Splinter Cell Blacklist LNG Terminal, or Mission 11, is available to play after the team survives the attack on Paladin.

During the virus attack the team was left in the dark and the Engineers had time to begin the American Fuel attack, which is why the US activated the continuity of government.

The Engineers’ target was Sabine Pass, the biggest fuel facility on the Gulf Coast. They infected every facility with the virus, hence it’s up to Sam Fisher to contain the fires from spreading.

LNG Terminal returns to the usual pattern of three Splinter Cell Blacklist collectables, but at least one of them can be overlooked in the mission, so it is recommended to follow the instructions in the next guide to avoid another unnecessary playthrough.

Mission Description


Splinter Cell Blacklist LNG Terminal Collectibles

Blacklist Laptop

Meet with the SEALS and then move towards the main facility, ignoring the enemies that are shooting the soldiers. When you reach the first area filled with enemies Grim tells you that this section of the plant is like a maze, which is right, because there are multiple ways to get to the objective.

There’s a drone operator that jams you goggles, and behind him is the Splinter Cell Blacklist Laptop collectible. A good idea is to scout the area in advance using the Tri-Rotor and then use the pipes that are at your disposal to safely get around the enemy forces.

You can shock the drone operator just to be sure.

Splinter Cell Blacklist LNG Terminal Blacklist Laptop Location
Blacklist Laptop

High Value Target

Move to the next section, where the Engineers are firing upon the emergency team. You have to get all of them in order to proceed, and the High Value Target is among them, so you can’t really miss it.

Look for him on the lower level, on the right side of the area.

Splinter Cell Blacklist LNG Terminal High Value Target Location
High Value Target

Dead Drop Flash Drive

The Dead Drop in LNG Terminal is one of the easiest to miss in the entire game, because if you follow your objective you’ll probably not see it on the screen.

Right after the cutscene with the fire team you have to get to the terminal to disable the virus. Turn around before doing anything else to pinpoint the flash drive’s location (top floor of the building behind you).

Get on the highest catwalk that you can access and then use the ledge to reach the building with the collectible. You can find it inside the lockers room.

Splinter Cell Blacklist LNG Terminal Dead Drop Location
Dead Drop
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