Splinter Cell Blacklist American Consumption Blacklist Laptop Location

Splinter Cell Blacklist American Consumption Collectibles Locations

Splinter Cell Blacklist American Consumption is the third mission in the videogame and it is also the name of the first Blacklist attack.

It is unlocked after Fisher survives the trap in the Insurgent Stronghold. Even if the team has a name, Majid Sadiq, and a location for the Blacklist attack, Dallas, Sam decides to change the location of the mission to Chicago, based on Charlie’s hunch.

This proves to be a success, because the hostage situation from Chicago is only a cover for the actual attack.

Three more Splinter Cell Blacklist collectibles can be acquired while playing Mission 3, and the next collectibles guide reveals their locations.

Mission Description


Splinter Cell Blacklist American Consumption Collectibles

High Value Target

After you find a way around the carnival hall, you have to go past the hostage area and into the sewers. Considering you have the Paladin upgrades, you should see the Capture icon across the sewers. There are two enemies on the catwalks, so try to dispose of them stealthy.

Then look on the right side for a hole in the wall that lets you go on the other side. Now wait for the High Value Target to come and patrol in this area.

While he is here you need to stun him or grab him, but make sure not to do this while he is standing still, because he is actually in front of a fence and the other guards can see him unconscious.

Splinter Cell Blacklist American Consumption High Value Target Location
High Value Target

Dead Drop Flash Drive

Shortly after this there’s a cutscene with a drone operator and then you enter an area where your signal is jammed. Equip the Tri-Rotor and go at the end of the large pipe to stun the drone operator.

Then sneak around the other two enemies and you should reach a spiral staircase.

Instead of using the stairs, use the ladder and grab the pipe. The Splinter Cell Blacklist Dead Drop is waiting for you at the top, on the ledge.

Splinter Cell Blacklist American Consumption Dead Drop Location
Dead Drop

Blacklist Laptop

Right after the previous collectible you will get outside the building. Across the street is the filtration plant where you need to infiltrate and stop the attack.

You can enter the building through the front door if you get rid of the two guards outside, but you have to pay attention to the third one that’s inside.

Or, you can use a nearby pipe and enter through the ventilation system on the roof. Once inside, hack the Blacklist Laptop that’s on the desk in the center of the room.

Splinter Cell Blacklist American Consumption Blacklist Laptop Location
Blacklist Laptop
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