Splinter Cell Blacklist Airstrip High Value Target Location

Splinter Cell Blacklist Airstrip Collectibles Locations

Splinter Cell Blacklist Airstrip is triggered automatically after Sam and Briggs escape Guantanamo Bay in the previous mission, but it can be replayed anytime from the SMI menu.

Before leaving with the Paladin, the team is ambushed. Sam Fisher’s mission is to buy them some time to prepare the takeoff.

Airstrip, or Mission 9, is different compared to other missions, because all you have to do is get rid of the enemy forces in a relatively small area.

Due to this fact, the only item available to collect here is a High Value Target.

More hints and tips are featured in the following Splinter Cell Blacklist guide.

Mission Description


Splinter Cell Blacklist Airstrip Collectibles

High Value Target

As soon as you can control Sam, run on the right side of the airstrip, past the jeep, and hide behind some boxes (on your way you can always throw a sleep gas grenade on the left side to thin the enemy lines).

Chances are, most of the time, that the HVT will come near you position without even seeing you.

You just have to go behind him to bag & tag him, but you have to survive all the reinforcements in order to reach the checkpoint and collect the reward. Sometimes he sticks with the other enemies inside the small hangar.

You can try to get him there, or you can restart until he returns to the usual pattern.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Airstrip  High Value Target Location
High Value Target
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