Splinter Cell Blacklist Abandoned Mill Blacklist Laptop Location

Splinter Cell Blacklist Abandoned Mill Collectibles Locations

Splinter Cell Blacklist Abandoned Mill, the fifth mission in the videogame, is available after Sam manages to get the intel from Reza Nouri.

Based on the passport numbers obtained from Nouri, the team discovers a sleeper cell in an abandoned mill in London.

Therefore, it’s up to Sam to sneak inside and learn more about Sadiq’s plan.

Like the previous missions, all three Splinter Cell: Blacklist collectible types can be found in Mission 5, and the next guide details how to get them in a single playthrough.

Mission Description


Splinter Cell Blacklist Abandoned Mill Collectibles

Dead Drop Flash Drive

After you are done with the roof sequence and you are inside the building, a drone operator will jam your goggles. Activate the Tri-Rotor and fly outside to reach the next room or cut the fabric in front of you to access the room directly.

You should search for the Dead Drop on the upper level of the room, right side as you’re looking towards the objective.

It is close to where the drone operator is. You could incapacitate all the enemies or you can sneak around and climb to the flash drive’s location.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Abandoned Mill Dead Drop Location
Dead Drop

Blacklist Laptop

In the next section you have to drop down from the balcony (the truck that leaves is your cue). There’s a room on the left side of the corridor (lower floor). Carefully sneak inside, because there’s an enemy in the room. If you are patient you can trick him without even seeing you.

The Blacklist Laptop is in the middle of the room, on the desk.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Abandoned Mill Blacklist Laptop Location
Blacklist Laptop

High Value Target

After you plant the tracker in the truck, leave the loading bay to advance further in the facility towards the chemical lab.

The Splinter Cell Blacklist HVT in this level is inside the room to your right, just after the checkpoint. If you’re fast enough you can grab him before he starts the fire and you can knock him out in the room with the ammo & equipment supplies.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Abandoned Mill High Value Target Location
High Value Target
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