Spec Ops: The Line Intel Collectibles Guide

Spec Ops: The Line Chapter 5 Intel Locations

Chapter 5 in Spec Ops: The Line is called The Edge, and during this mission we can find two Intel items.

The first Spec Ops: The Line Chapter 5 Intel collectible is a Dossier on Grey Fox, and the second collectible in this chapter is the Radioman Tape – Evacuation Cover-Up.

The following Spec Ops: The Line Intel guide, refers strictly to the fifth chapter of the video game, and, as all previous guides, reveals the location of every Intel item in this chapter.

Chapter 5 Description

“Konrad is MIA and the Damned 33rd has gone rogue. To find Konrad, Delta must connect with Grey Fox a team of CIA Agents operating in Dubai – one of whom has been taken captive by the 33rd. Delta descends into “The Gorge” to rescue him.”

Number of Intel Collectibles: 2

First Intel

In Chapter 5, the first collectible/intelligence item, can be located after we use the zip-line in the starting area.

When we reach the building on the other side, we follows the stairs down and clear the first room. We continue to advance from one checkpoint to another and we reach the spa area. We clear it as well.

At this point, our next objective is to rappel through a large window.

Next to the window, on a wall we should see a green sign: Sky Wadi – Fitness Wellness. If we face the sign, to the left, we can see a door which allows us to enter a room. If we explore it, on the ground we can find one of the two Intel items in Chapter 5: Dossier on Grey Fox.

Second Intel

The second Chapter 5 Intel Item, can be found after we use another zip-line. When we land we should see a pool filled with sand.

We cross a moving bridge and enter the building. In the first room, we make sure that we investigate the second floor, following the stairs on the left side.

Note: Our team will go right, through a door. We don’t follow them without checking that specific area first.

If we look up, we should see an orange painting. Behind it, near a bed with red pillows on it, is the second Intel collectible in Chapter 5: Radioman Tape -– Evacuation Cover-Up. Chapter 6 starts as soon as we complete all objectives of the current chapter.

Spec Ops: The Line Intel Collectibles Guide
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