Spec Ops: The Line Intel Collectibles Guide

Spec Ops: The Line Chapter 14 Intel Collectibles Locations

Chapter 14 in Spec Ops: The Line also includes two Intel collectibles, and the game guide below reveals both of them and their locations.

Chapter 14 is called The Bridge and continues the events from Chapter 13.

Walker approaches Konrad but to reach his true target he must take out one final wave of soldiers.

In Spec Ops: The Line Chapter 14, the first intelligence item is a Code of Conduct, and the second one contains Konrad’s Final Orders.

Chapter 14 Description

“Delta begin their assault on Konrad’s stronghold. There can be no rescue. John Konrad must die.”

Number of collectibles: 2

First Collectable

The first collectible in Spec Ops: The Line Chapter 14 is inside the first building we have to cross to achieve our objective.  On it, we can read: Dubai Seaside.

This specific building features green lights, and we need to follow some stairs up, after we kill multiple terrorists.

The Intel item we are looking for is located near the exit door. Next to the door we can see a board containing a patrol schedule and against the wall a chair. On the chair is the first collectable: Code of Conduct.

We pick it up and continue to push towards Konrad.

Second Collectable

The second Intel collectable is found after we take the Gatehouse and after we defeat the armored terrorist the blocks our way. Headshots are very important in this case.

Assuming that the terrorist is dead, we enter another building, and we must follow a small ramp to exit.

On the left side is another altar; as well as the American flag, which can be observed on the wall near it.

We approach it to pick up another intelligence item: Konrad’s Final Orders. After you complete the level you will be able to start the final chapter in the game: Chapter 15.

Spec Ops: The Line Intel Collectibles Guide
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