Spec Ops: The Line Intel Collectibles Guide

Spec Ops: The Line Chapter 1 Intel Collectibles Locations

Spec Ops: The Line Chapter 1 is called The Evacuation, and while we play this specific chapter, we can find two Intel collectibles.

The first collectible in Spec Ops: The Line Chapter 1, is Konrad Confession Letter, and the second Intel item is a Damaged Black Box.

The following Spec Ops: The Line collectibles guide reveals the exact locations for both Intel collectibles in Spec Ops: The Line Chapter 1.

Chapter 1 Description

“A Delta Force recon team has been sent to investigate a distress signal coming from within the dead city of Dubai. They enter the outskirts of the city looking for signs of Colonel John Konrad and his battalion, the Damned 33rd

Number of Intel Collectibles: 2

First Intel Collectible

As we advance towards our objective, we will find the first Spec Ops: The Line collectible near a military truck.

We should look for it after the small discussion with our first group of enemies, and after we kill them.

Even if we try to convince them to lower their weapons, our enemies become aggressive, and we have to take them out.

When the area is cleared, if we approach one of the military vehicles to the left, a short cutscene starts and a dead body falls from it.

At this point, we turn around and look near the vehicle for a board, and on it, we can see a map.

If we approach the board we will be asked to press and hold X (on Xbox 360) to pick-up the first collectable.

We take the collectible and we proceed forward, to find the second one.

Note: The exact location of the first collectible/Intel is in the area where we meet our first opponents, those standing on the ledge located on the right side of the path that takes us to Dubai.

Second Intel Collectible

Later in the chapter, our team comes across the fuselage of a large plane, and eventually we will have to cross it.

As we push forward, we make sure that when we approach the entrance of the wreck, we keep an eye on the ground, for the second collectable.

It is an item similar to a red bag, located on the ground, next to the stairs we have to follow to enter the plane.

After we find this Intel, we continue to complete our objectives, and the first chapter in Spec Ops: The Line. Chapter 2 also includes a series of collectibles that must be found.

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