SoulCalibur V Characters Guide

SoulCalibur V Characters Guide: Yoshimitsu

Yoshimitsu debuted in SoulCalibur and he is a playable character who appears in SoulCalibur II, SoulCalibur III, SoulCalibur IV, SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny and SoulCalibur V; however, in SoulCalibur V Yoshimitsu returns to follow the steps of the previous ninja warrior.


Yoshimitsu is the strongest warrior within the Manji Clan, a ninja born at the base of Mount Fiji in Japan.

He is now measuring 1.7 meters and 60 Kg. By request, he went to the Azuichi castle and refused the alliance between his clan and the Oda Nobunaga clan, and he returned home, just to find his village destroyed by Nogunaga’s army, Yoshimitsu tried to fight them but a man alone could stand no chance against one army, not even Yoshimitsu, who lost his arm in his attempt of vengeance.

Later he set up a new goal: to find Soul Edge and with it, avenge the ones he lost. In this journey Yoshimitsu saw the evil and awful acts that Nightmare left behind.

When he finally reached the Ostrheinsburg castle,  nobody was there except the Evil Seed who possessed his katana.

In SoulCalibur II, Voldo stole his katana by mistake obligating Yoshimitsu to follow the theft up to Vercci’s Money Pit. There, Yoshimitsu recovered his blade and found a piece of Soul Edge.

During the events of SoulCalibur III, Yoshimitsu and his group of thieves traveled in search of Soul Edge’s fragments but failed in various attempts.

While on a mission to steal a piece they were ambushed. A lot of his men were injured so Yoshimitsu begun a new search for the one guilty for stealing the fragment the he planned for so long to have it.

In SoulCalibur IV words came to him that a servant of Nightmare named Tira was responsible for the ambush.

Yoshimitsu then called the remaining men from his clan and planned to attack the Ostrheinsburg castle and destroy Soul Edge.

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